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Post Oct 23rd '10, 00:09

Hi all,

I'm sure this has been answered somewhere already and my apologies if it has but my search didn't turn up what I was looking for.

I have some awesome old multi-player Maps for M1 (and maybe M2) which had the physics models changed to make running much faster and the ammunition levels much larger.

I haven't played them in nearly 15 years (I think). I was hoping to use them with Aleph1 but so far my attempts to convert them have failed.

I've tried using both Inf -> Aleph (v1.3) and bovine under OS9 (running Classic under OS10.3) but I can't even seem to select the maps (including trying the original Marathon 1 map just in case the altered maps were the problem).

Any thoughts on a simple Map converter?

Ta muchly!


Post Oct 24th '10, 19:32

i've never had a problem running older maps via Aleph One, but i'm thinking your best bet is to get Atque and split the maps into their components, then re-merge them.
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Post Oct 24th '10, 21:02

I think he means original Marathon maps, not Marathon 2. Only Forge and Bovine can convert them as far as I know.
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