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Post Nov 8th '07, 18:24

I didn't try making a "novelty map" because I was too lazy to make a regular or good map, I wanted too see if I could have a map that was comlpetely ridiculous yet fun, although that usually ends up being a bad map, I was expecting anything amazing, or even neccessarily good, although I was still trying when I made the map.

Also, the map is mostly finished, but it needs some tweaking with regards to the amount of monsters, and I might put health cans in the lower area. Most people will probably hate this map, as it is nearly completely rediculous, but for those of you who want something extremely hard, or a map for a time trial, check it out. If you have any suggestions please tell me and I will most likely incorperate them when I fix it up.
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Post Nov 8th '07, 20:08

Johannes Gunnar wrote:thanks

I wasn't directing this at your map, I haven't even seen it.
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Post Nov 8th '07, 20:14

Mordekai wrote:I wasn't directing this at your map, I haven't even seen it.

He meant, "thanks" as in "Thank you for saying that for me."
Can't speel for hist.

Post Nov 8th '07, 21:14

Mordekai wrote:I wasn't directing this at your map, I haven't even seen it.

according to the post, you directed this to all novelty maps and novelty map authors. And this topic is about Kaboom-a-world, a novelty map by me. care to explain to me if i am misunderstanding something?
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Post Nov 8th '07, 21:18

A novelty map killed Mordekai's sister.
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Post Nov 8th '07, 22:01

Mordekai wrote:"Novelty" is another word for "I'm to lazy/incompetent to make a real map, so let me throw this piece of crap together."

Oh, Old School Hollywood is a novelty map? That explains a lot.
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Post Nov 9th '07, 07:51

Mordekai, you destroyed Aleph One internet gaming.

...for like a month.
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Post Nov 9th '07, 09:30

Kinetic Turtle wrote:Mordekai, you destroyed Aleph One internet gaming.

...for like a month.

my response to this reply is: "lawl".
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Post Nov 11th '07, 19:45

There needs to be instructions on how to post an entry.

On my opinion if this really will be a good contest the map needs to be edited so that more BoBs are running around. Plus I think that there should be sections of this contest. Each section by ever difficulty setting.

EDIT: I also believe that the "hill" will need to be flattened or deleted all together. It causes the BoBs to get stuck.

EDIT2: I downloaded Pfhorge (I am a novice with forge but...) and I upped all the numbers of assilated bobs. Now there are 500 assim bobs and 250 fusion assim bobs... though I don't know how to send it here.

EDIT3: Now that I figured out how to make the .zip file... and now you can try it. Place the map as your environment and select "new game"

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