Today's the end of the Summer '08 mapping contest!

Marathon related contests and tournaments.

Post Aug 10th '08, 19:19

The submission deadline is tonight, at midnight CST! (That's about 10 hours from this post.)

If you're still working on your map, hurry up and turn it in!
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Aug 10th '08, 21:39

Mine is best.
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Post Aug 10th '08, 21:57

mine is the most awesome, but i'm so cult & grim I wrote it onto a cd-r and burned it to ashes so nobody could ever see it
burning marathon maps ist krieg!
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Post Aug 10th '08, 23:23

While I was going to submit one, I didn't (and won't) finish it in time, so I guess I'll have to wait for another contest.
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Post Aug 11th '08, 15:56

How many people made the deadline?
Lake Nebagamon, WI

Post Aug 11th '08, 16:10

6 or 7, I haven't counted.
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Saint Paul, MN

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