Clearly I messed up (OR?)

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Clearly I messed up (OR?)

Post May 27th '18, 17:51

As people knows I am not very bright in the head. I did something just recently. I removed Unity3D from my computer to get and start working with the Cry-engine. Except...

It where just for PC. I removed Unity and a-lot more from my Mac for no reason. Or is it for a good reason?

Now when Unity is gone, I might be free from some focus destroying tasks. I can work on other things now. Like learning Xcode! I got less obstacles to it now so when I want to make a game I will have a bigger chance getting stuff done in it. Or work on other non-gaming things.

I am free thanks to a mistake!

I'll try ask some questions about how things works there(Because I barely used it) so I might ask here or Apple Developer's forum about some of it's functions. Like how to move something in SceneKit.

By the way thanks to the Cry-engine I've lost my old gmail account. I have no access to it anymore.

Post May 27th '18, 22:45

good luck, dude. I don't know if anyone here will be able to help you but hopefully the apple dev forum can.
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