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Re: Website (For reallier)

Post Dec 12th '19, 00:20

my advice to u: if you find yourself thinking about other people saying/thinking things about you, start drawing or adding something to your website.

i'm not saying it will "cure" anything but it might help you feel less "sick".
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Post Dec 16th '19, 11:59

Well I'm currently working on World's a Toybox so it feels better I suppose. Need to give the game a new name tho. Thought about renaming it "Silence" after the main character but it feels like a bad decision naming the game after the main character.

Got those feelings that gaming is bad again. I can say why too.

Games tend to be really violent. If the game doesn't have any violence, it's a bad game. Good deeds spreads and violence creates even more violence. Gaming is nearly nothing but violence nowadays so that could have caused all the incidents but no one accuses gaming cause of it being fun. If it's better than the nice one then the better gets the most support. Only the strongest win.

This speech happens cause I've just seen Klaus. (Which lifted my spirit btw) I believe in good and are sympathetic myself so I don't know if I should continue making games cause of it being evil. Like I still have grudges against gaming and wanted to stop with it all too many times. But I come back to it so addiction is too mighty.
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Post Dec 30th '19, 09:43

Site's been updated! Just saying.
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Post Jan 1st '20, 10:54

New year! New fear!
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Post Jan 14th '20, 11:56

Morrowind Let's Play available in my site. If anyone's interested.

I think when I finally release the Mornaverse documentaries I'll call the site less of a work in progress and more done. Unless something is still wrong with it?
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Post Feb 1st '20, 11:42

My work on The Silence is low but I can't give up on it when it was meant to teach me passion. Really hope the 3DS last the whole year or more so my work won't be in vain.

Do someone have anything to say right now?
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Post Feb 3rd '20, 12:57

Sounds good! I'd love to see the site when it's finished. I wish you good luck. :)
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Lion O Cyborg
UK (which is IN EUROPE!)

Post Feb 15th '20, 20:52

Another dumb update! The site has a special video that I want to show you people.

Which is this
And what's so special about this one is that the program (Or game) was built up by me. This is the first self-made, non-modified program for the go Xbox I've ever made and I'm proud of myself for it. Even if it's just an image with a soundtrack. I would want to continue but The Silence doesn't make itself.

"I can't believe I made it.."
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Post Feb 17th '20, 06:11

Good work. No matter where you go it will involve taking steps. It's not bad to notice when you step across any given threshold.
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Not Invented Here

Post Feb 19th '20, 09:50

I don't think that it matters anymore if the Mornaverse documentaries are in anyway making the website complete. I am updating it with new content now and then so.. I'll take that it's already finished. :)
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Post Feb 23rd '20, 19:22

So about The Silence.. What do people here think about what was said of it? I want it to succeed on the 3DS and I have my hopes that the work will pay off. I always had this dream to make point and click games on the 3DS.

Having a point and click game on the 3DS is a good idea cause it's almost built for it.
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