What are your favourite games of all time?

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Post Aug 1st '12, 20:48

I was just thinking about this today. I would say the Marathon trilogy comprises my favourite games of all time, and I would include my favourite third party scenarios among that as well. I am presuming the same would go for most people here, but what other games do you enjoy?

My list will probably seem very outdated, because in truth I haven't really played any 'new' games in years - I use a relatively humble PPC G5 and the most recent console I own is a PS2. But whether it's purely based on nostalgia or not, I don't think anything could come close to these games for me:

1. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (N64)
2. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (N64)
3. Quake 3 Arena (Mac)
4. Oni (Mac)
5. Doom 3 (Mac)

I love the Turok games on N64. I played them loads when I was younger but then sold a load of my 64 games years ago. Just last year I found these two games again in a vintage video game store. I was worried I would be disappointed by the games after all these years but no, they are still amazing! Very ahead of their time.

Quake 3 is just a classic.

Everyone here knows about Oni, it's a bit goofy and one-dimensional at times but a lot of fun.

Doom 3 is my favourite Doom game - perhaps this is a somewhat controversial opinion? I found it genuinely very scary and very atmospheric.

Honourable mention would go to the likes of Body Harvest and Banjo Kazooie (epic!) on N64 Unreal Tournament (the first one), the Grand Theft Auto games on PS2, and I have a soft spot for Escape Velocity - ridiculously simple but very fun!

So what are your favourites? And where do the Marathon games rank?
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Even the same number of games listed!

Believe it or not I did try a search to see if there was a similar thread and I couldn't see that one, perhaps my searching skills are crap also.

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Post Aug 1st '12, 21:29

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Post Aug 2nd '12, 18:11

Earthbound(SNES) by far, and also Hexen(Mac) and my more recent discovery Commander Keen(DOS) (I'm living in an age where 5 years ago was 'recent').

edit: deja vu... I remember posting in a thread like this and someone questioning why Lost Vikings didn't get a mention. Well, it's my favorite Blizzard game, I'll give it that much.
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the real question is why i didn't think to include asshole in my answer
dude, seriously. dude.
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Post Aug 3rd '12, 20:06

Hmm... my favorite game of all time, excluding Marathon? It's pretty simple: Halo. After Halo would be all of Kingdom Hearts.
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Post Aug 4th '12, 00:25

Rebel Assault II. Not sure if they ever released an OS X version, but it plays great in Classic. I think.
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Post Aug 4th '12, 06:58

I remember Rebel Assault II. Or more accurately the demo, which I played many times.

Marathon was my first love when it comes to games, so it may well take the top spot forever. Others at the top of the list would include:
Deus Ex
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Team Fortress 2
Escape Velocity

Honorable mentions:
Moria (a rougelike game)
Unreal Tournament
...and I'd better stop before I just start rattling off every game I've played more than 50 hours.
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