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Post Aug 4th '12, 09:59

Has PiD ever been ported for OS X? Anyone know where I can get it?

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Post Aug 4th '12, 15:48

Not that I know of. I had to resort to emulators.

Post Aug 4th '12, 16:55

CitizenKane wrote:Has PiD ever been ported for OS X? Anyone know where I can get it?

someone was working on a rewrite, but we haven't heard about it in a while and it doesn't look anywhere close to finished.
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Post Aug 5th '12, 03:01

No OS X port, but I believe there was something called "MPID" or marathon pathways into darkness.

It was never finished though, and nothing like the original.
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Post Aug 5th '12, 11:59

Hmm, that's a bit annoying. I haven't actually played the game since I was about 8 and I have no real memory of it whatsoever.

Is it actually a good game?
Dublin, Ireland

Post Aug 5th '12, 14:32

CitizenKane wrote:Is it actually a good game?

If by 'good' you mean 'it is has a good storyline, irritatingly hard to solve puzzles, and combat aplenty', then yes, it is most definitely a good game.

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Post Aug 5th '12, 18:27

Huh, I never could get it to work in an Emulator...


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