Has anyone played ZPC?

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Post Aug 6th '12, 02:07

From the miniscule youtube videos I've seen of it, it looks bad. Bland, boring, repetitive, and no variety in enemies.
What looks good is those 3D cutscenes that got crammed into it. This still hasn't sated my curiousity. I haven't found demos or freeware of it to try it out, and I don't care enough to try to get a physical copy.

Post Aug 6th '12, 19:47

Macintosh Garden is your friend.

I don't think they actually had a download link last I checked this page, so I'm playing this for the first time.
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Post Aug 6th '12, 20:01

I once downloaded ZPC from MacGarden; it looks like you still can. It's not terrible but it's not particularly good either. If you're curious enough to start a topic asking about it then it's worth playing it for 30 minutes to see what it's like.

The enemies are repetitive which can be good if you like getting into a Wolfenstein rhythm of killing weak enemies very quickly. The minimalist textures are a little interesting to play. There's a "rage" meter that increases each time you kill an enemy and depletes when you aren't fighting. When it fills up something happens, I don't remember, but probably some sort of "enraged" mode. Usually you end up filling up your rage bar after you've killed all the enemies in an area so it's useless. One of your attacks is a "Chi" punch that does no damage and is used the same as grenade hopping in M2, which is kind of dumb because you have to turn around and run backwards to jump. There are multiple weapons but they're really just alternate firing modes of the same weapon which can be confusing.

Anyway, check it out. The worst that happens is you lose 30 minutes of your life.
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Post Aug 7th '12, 01:09

Considering the short time I spent with it, I thought that the art style was good, and had a lot of details on the wall and enemies. The Chi punch, while gimmicky pleased me for a while. That is, until you had to use it for actual map navigation. Speaking of maps, they were all very plain, and never much advanced beyond boxes and amateur level design. The main weapon is actually every weapon, and I am not sure if that was to save on art, or a way to be way "cool" that you have a 7-in-1 weapon.
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Post Aug 7th '12, 22:29

On level 3 so far. The problem with no terminals is that I can't tell when something's a level exit. The save system involves using limited items. It's like the ink ribbons from Resident Evil. This is a treacherous game design decision, but the game is easy so far, especially when every enemy drops life for you.

And the funny thing about it is a glitch gives you back the memory orb you used up when you die.

edit: Holy s'pht, the map has the exit tagged as "exit." You can only see it if you zoom in real close.
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Post Aug 9th '12, 01:09

I'm able to open the shapes file in shapefusion. This has crazy possibilities.

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