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Chat and discussion not related to either Marathon or Aleph One. Please keep things at least mildly interesting, though.

Post Aug 27th '12, 20:18

Same place, I'm now on. Anyone who wants to just talk, or debate on the Best marathoN Scenario... Sorry about the Mistake placement Article. I'll remember it goes here next time.

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Death Valley

Post Aug 27th '12, 20:28

Hey, UNDERTAKER. I don't mean to be rude, but can you please stop spamming the Pfhorums with multiple threads? It's not funny.

Btw, click on this, UNDERTAKER:,s:24,i:244
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Post Aug 27th '12, 21:50

quote by gmanyo on hatesliar:
gmanyo wrote:hey i just came in to say i love the project storm project i think its really good and a really cool idea by undertaker to make cool game for marathon community to play it okay thanks bye

- gmanyo
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