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Post Jan 25th '06, 23:13

ok, this isn't kinda from the aleph one chatroom, but it's from which is the hotline server where bunch of bungie fans (mostly marathon fans) hang out, chat and sometimes fire up a game of A1. i thought it would be ok to post some bashes from there. :)

Octanus|iBook: my brother tried acid last night
DcBob.iBook: :(
DcBob.iBook: man.. that's kinda bad...
Octanus|iBook: he said it doesn't have premade loops
DcBob.iBook: premade loops? what does that mean?
Octanus|iBook: hell if i know
DcBob.iBook: oh.. you are talking about the acid program
DcBob.iBook: :P
Octanus|iBook: ...HAHAHA

PS: that acid program, is a music program.
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Post Jan 26th '06, 00:12

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Post Jan 26th '06, 01:07

rofl! DJ acid! I remember that program! that was like... old school! or sorta old school...
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right here

Post Jan 26th '06, 02:43

Heh, nice.

I remember hearing about acid, but not much.
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Post Feb 21st '06, 01:24

Yeah...LSD is ex-roommate now has phallic objects permanently on his dorm room walls because he happened to pick up a permanent marker while he was tripping balls.
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