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Post May 7th '06, 05:44

I dont know if you guys will find this one humorus, but shadow just came in and started quizing me and abruptly left [MSmile]
dont people say hi these days?

10:14:31 PM shadowbreaker998: how good can blender do with movies?
10:14:47 PM fatshongshong: wha?
10:15:00 PM shadowbreaker998: blender can make movies cant it?
10:15:04 PM fatshongshong: right,
10:15:16 PM shadowbreaker998: how well does it do so?
10:15:26 PM fatshongshong: it does it, like... well!
10:15:39 PM fatshongshong: well, in theory,
10:16:18 PM fatshongshong: when animating "or making a 'movie' " its more a-less just rendering frames, and linking them togeather
10:16:34 PM shadowbreaker998: i mean like for cutscenes
10:16:36 PM fatshongshong: so, its as good as any 3d softwear when linking
10:16:38 PM fatshongshong: ohm
10:16:43 PM fatshongshong: wait..
10:17:18 PM fatshongshong: do you mean, use blender as a movie editing tool? or does belnder have cutscene capabilities
10:17:25 PM fatshongshong: for animations
10:18:25 PM shadowbreaker998: well like
10:18:36 PM shadowbreaker998: u did those juggernaut things with it didnt u?
10:18:47 PM fatshongshong: right,
10:18:52 PM shadowbreaker998: can u just make a model
10:18:54 PM shadowbreaker998: or two
10:19:09 PM shadowbreaker998: and make them move and whatever and save it as a movies?
10:19:24 PM fatshongshong: save?
10:19:36 PM shadowbreaker998: ...
10:19:42 PM fatshongshong: save location?
10:19:54 PM fatshongshong: save images what,
10:20:03 PM shadowbreaker998: can u animated them and save the animation as a movie?
10:20:14 PM fatshongshong: well, animation is a movie
10:20:30 PM shadowbreaker998: i know
10:20:34 PM shadowbreaker998: i mean as qt
10:20:38 PM fatshongshong: oh, yah
10:20:42 PM fatshongshong: definatyl
10:21:34 PM fatshongshong: see, animation is just rendering, but each frame at a time to get every frame, but when using animate, it automaticaly strings the rendered images togeather to create a movie, or quicktime, avi whatever
10:24:46 PM shadowbreaker998: ok soooooooo
10:25:10 PM shadowbreaker998: how long woulod it take a beginner at blender to make something like that?
10:25:59 PM fatshongshong: uhmmm... I honestly cant tell you on a scale of infinity, but... its not that hard
10:27:27 PM fatshongshong:
10:27:43 PM fatshongshong:
10:28:40 PM fatshongshong: hello?
10:29:33 PM shadowbreaker998: srry bout that
10:29:39 PM shadowbreaker998: was keepin little bro busy
10:29:45 PM fatshongshong: oh, lo
10:29:50 PM shadowbreaker998: i knew a guy
10:29:57 PM shadowbreaker998: who wwas workin on a rocket ship
10:30:03 PM fatshongshong: ja
10:30:03 PM shadowbreaker998: and it took him weeks
10:30:12 PM fatshongshong: weeks to build?
10:30:16 PM fatshongshong: or weeks to render
10:30:25 PM shadowbreaker998: to make in blender
10:30:40 PM fatshongshong: render?
10:31:00 PM shadowbreaker998: yeah i think
10:31:12 PM shadowbreaker998: to start from scratch
10:31:35 PM fatshongshong: well, depending on the quality of his footage,
10:32:08 PM fatshongshong: like, if he built a rocket ship with over ... lets say, 600,000 verticies, with super high resolution everything,
10:32:31 PM fatshongshong: 100% size, and there was about 1000 frames total, and it take 5 minuets per frame,
10:32:35 PM fatshongshong: it should take aprox a week
10:32:44 PM fatshongshong: with blender rendering engine enternal
10:33:02 PM fatshongshong: but, I never do that and I can bang rendering jobs out in 3 hours
10:33:04 PM fatshongshong: or less
10:33:06 PM shadowbreaker998: i asked him to wrap a texutre round a bal
10:33:10 PM shadowbreaker998: and it took him forever
10:33:16 PM fatshongshong: lol?
10:33:17 PM shadowbreaker998: and he still didnt succedd
10:33:50 PM fatshongshong: oh, well, texturing things through "UV" wraping is dificult to grasp
10:34:00 PM fatshongshong: I try and avoid it, especialy on balls,
10:34:16 PM fatshongshong: if he is relativly new to the concept, it might take a while
10:34:36 PM shadowbreaker998: he built his own computer...
10:35:00 PM fatshongshong: well, yah, so does everyone
10:35:11 PM fatshongshong: building a computer aint that hard/special
10:35:28 PM shadowbreaker998: gtg
Shadowbreaker998 disconnected (10:35:33 PM)
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right here

Post Jul 7th '06, 08:42

Shongshong I remember when we first met...

... and I forced you to make models for Aleph One or I'd kill your pets.

Good times, man... good times.
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Post Jul 7th '06, 09:10

Why do you bother talking to him?
lol butts

Post Jul 7th '06, 09:49

because his self-loving attitude can be funny at times.
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Post Jul 7th '06, 18:14

lol, poofy, you came to me for html help once,

why does everyone come to me! lol

just wait till 'I' have a problemb! im gona go around being freindly and all that!
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right here

Post Jul 7th '06, 22:24

Hey, you weren't the only one. I talked to a few people. Now I'm all good with it.

Thanks for the help, by the way.
lol butts

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