Myth ?

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Myth ?

Post Jun 5th '13, 07:25

Hey guys,

I'm a lot into Bungie's games those times.

I was wondering if there was a simple and free way to play the MYTH serie ?

Thanks and cheer !
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Post Jun 6th '13, 02:45

The game is not free, but you can pick it up used from various sites such as eBay.

I'd make the recommendation to only pick up Myth II: Soulblighter as it is the most common version used for multiplayer, as well as the fact that most of Myth I's levels have been ported to the second game with great accuracy.

Also, the game Green Berets (By Take 2) was made on the Myth Engine, and boxed copies included Myth II with it, so if you find an equal price between Myth II standalone and Green Berets, Green Berets is the better deal.
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Post Aug 30th '13, 15:39

You can now also play Marathon in Myth II.
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