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Voxel Town Opinions

Post Aug 19th '13, 00:39

I've been working and planning out ideas for a game I am planning to work on a voxel game that allows you to gather resources and build houses, make the biggest houses or place the smallest decorations to design a great medieval, thriving town. Farming, attack, and trading with randomly scripted events that can happen. Or actions you make will change the gameplay of it. Please tell me what you think! I do need a texturer(GUIS and UIs) and two programmers(To work with AI, leveling, and building aspect). Yes I am contributing as a programmer!


Races: Be able to select races with unique perks and building styles. (Dwarves, Orc, Elf, etc)

Roles: Give your villagers roles, along with houses. Give roles such as Taverns and Inns for houses, or Blacksmith and Tailor for villagers.

Design inside of houses, and make the roofs or walls certaions matierals: Add lamps, beds, chairs, and even fuly customizable items like wells and gardens.

Dungeons: Have the ability to create dungeons where you're able to catch creatures and a location for prisoners.

Farming: Farm potatoes, carrots, wheat, and more and get a steady production rate.

Combat: Recruit units, mine materials and smelt them for more armors and weapons to make. Auto leveling for your soldiers to make them even more stronger after every fight.

Site: http://voxeltown.webs.com/

Post Aug 19th '13, 01:39

I'd say our first question should be whether you actually have the skills and resources to do this right.
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Post Aug 19th '13, 05:55

craZboy557 wrote:I'd say our first question should be whether you actually have the skills and resources to do this right.

Of course!

Post Aug 19th '13, 07:41

Hi. I notice this is your first post. To be blunt, I think it's borderline spam.

We don't have the resources to even make new Aleph One content more than once in a blue moon. So I'd appreciate if you'd at least show an interest in this community and its area of focus before trying to poach our limited talent pool.
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Crater Creator

Post Aug 20th '13, 20:25

Yeah, this really is spam, even though you're (presumably) not a bot. I guess I'll allow you this bit of cheap advertising, but if you start bumping this thread or otherwise spamming I won't hesitate to delete your thread(s)/posts. This is really in poor taste.
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