What's your New Year's resolution?

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What's your New Year's resolution?

Post Dec 27th '14, 04:41

Mine's to release a new build of Aleph One.



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Post Dec 27th '14, 04:58

If you have time, it'd be cool if the next version of Alephone compiled.
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Post Dec 27th '14, 05:18

I didn't have one yet, but now that you mention it, I can probably resolve to call Eternal X 1.1 "final", since President People just got back his modified shapes, and the show-stopping #STATIC bug that's held up release recently is fixed in your next build of Aleph One. (Thanks for that!)

All that kind of kicked me into starting my long-delayed project of recreating the Eternal textures in vector format, and I got about 25% of one texture set done today, so maybe by the time I can release (when you release), I'll be able to include that in the release too.
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Post Dec 27th '14, 13:13

Looking good, Hopper! Thanks for continuing to ruin the saved game UI.

I plan to fix up some iOS apps, and maybe a few Marathon-related and unrelated open source contributions, but my main resolution is to just survive an entire year with three weellamas.
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Post Dec 27th '14, 19:02

That....wow......looks rather impressive......
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Sharkie Lino

Post Dec 29th '14, 11:07

To complete my contribution to Halathon sooner rather than later.
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Crater Creator

Post Jan 6th '15, 09:18

Crater Creator wrote:To complete my contribution to Halathon sooner rather than later.

2015 will bear witness to the long awaited return of B&B to A1. [MUp]
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Post Jan 7th '15, 22:44

My resolution in 2015 is 4800×900.

Post Jan 7th '15, 22:59

In The Year of Our Lord 2015, you aren't using monitors with 1920x1080?
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Saint Paul, MN

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