Boring Classics: Harold_pa on C#

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Post Sep 14th '09, 18:15

You dudes will probably think this is dumb, or mean, or abusive, or who knows what, but I know someone somewhere will enjoy this. All the guys in #alephone (even meatmanek!) had a blast. The conversation occurred late January of this year. I've edited out the cross-talk to shorten the log for y'all.

22:04 < Harold_pa> c# is a piece of shit no offenz
22:04 < Harold_pa> vb with semicolons
22:04 <@treellama> haha what
22:08 < Harold_pa> i'm being a pratt really
22:08 < Harold_pa> i've barely done any c#
22:08 < Harold_pa> plus i automatically hate it cos its microsoft
22:09 < Harold_pa> but i do dislike the stupid method tree lengths, i'm partial to interpreted languages if they are very nicely done
22:09 < Harold_pa> sure it makes working with the WinAPI less painful
22:09 <@treellama> it's not an interpreted language
22:09 < Harold_pa> but i barely do any win stuff anymore lately
22:09 <@treellama> and, I am not using any Microsoft software
22:10 <@treellama> you can continue to show your ignorance if you like :)
22:10 < Harold_pa> i wouldn't waste my time compiling that shit
22:10 < Harold_pa> ok
22:11 < Harold_pa> vb-like oo and libraries aside
22:11 -!- jon_irons [] has joined #alephone
22:11 < Harold_pa> what use is c#?
22:11 < jon_irons> hey babes
22:11 < jon_irons> i heard a language war was in progress
22:11 <@treellama> haha
22:11 < Harold_pa> heheh
22:11 < jon_irons> joey ;(
22:11 < ray> heh heh heh
22:11 <@treellama> I was hoping wrk would comment, he at least knows something about languages
22:12 < jon_irons> tl, C# sucks so bad
22:12 <@treellama> I must admit your reaction was unpredicted
22:12 <@treellama> NoThorns is the best language
22:12 < jon_irons> NoThorns + LINQ
22:12 < ray> treellama, haskell doesn't merely have an interpreter
22:12 < ray> it has an irc bot that evaluates haskell
22:13 <@treellama> awesome
22:13 <@treellama> Lua has one of those
22:13 <@treellama> I think I could write a C# repl bot
22:13 < jon_irons> self-hosting
22:29 <@Wrkncacnter> tl: i have no doubt C# is better than java
22:29 <@Wrkncacnter> there, i commented
22:29 <@treellama> thanks
22:29 <@treellama> jerk
22:29 < jon_irons> neither do i, and i've never used C#
22:29 <@Wrkncacnter> i've written small things in C#, and it seemed basically the same as java
22:29 <@treellama> oh ok
22:29 < Harold_pa> Thats all on a scale of badness if you're comparing things to java
22:30 < jon_irons> i just know that theoretical donuts AD's LINQs were of utmost power
22:30 <@treellama> haha
22:30 <@treellama> I miss that guy
22:30 <@treellama> he was way more interesting than Mr. Cardigan
22:30 < Harold_pa> which guy?
22:31 < Harold_pa> which guy tl?
22:31 < jon_irons> the guy
22:31 < Harold_pa> or are you ignoring me because i slagged off your new toy language
22:31 < ray> nitsloch online
22:31 <@treellama> Dr Theoretical Donuts AD
22:32 < Harold_pa> Ahh
22:32 < Harold_pa> Thanks
22:32 < Harold_pa> Don't know him
22:32 <@treellama> which just happened to be the antecedent
22:32 <@Wrkncacnter> yess, i have vista on my desktop now
22:32 <@Wrkncacnter> i bet you're all jealous
22:32 <@treellama> Wrkncacnter: I thought you hated Vista
22:32 < ray> i'm jealous that you have a desktop that can run it
22:32 <@Wrkncacnter> i do, i'll probably never use it
22:32 <@treellama> ok
22:32 <@Wrkncacnter> but, in case i get a vista only thing
22:32 < jon_irons> it's best to keep around if every other operating system on earth fails to run
22:32 <@Wrkncacnter> i had an install disc from my university that i hadn't used yet
22:32 < Harold_pa> lol irons
22:33 < Harold_pa> !
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22:33 <@Wrkncacnter> ok guys, should i put 32 or 64 bit linux on here
22:34 < jon_irons> 36 (make it a lisp machine)
22:34 <@treellama> queue harold saying something bad about lisp which he's also never used
22:34 <@Wrkncacnter> i wanted someone to pick one at random
22:35 < Harold_pa> pls feel free to correct any statements i've made about c# which are wrong tl
22:35 -!- meatmanek [i=meatmane@izanagi.student.CWRU.Edu] has joined #alephone
22:35 < Harold_pa> i'\ve never used lisp
22:35 < Harold_pa> but ms didn't make it so its already ahead of c# in my book
22:35 < ray> :C
22:35 < ray> just keep quiet harold
22:36 < Harold_pa> i'm surprised to see so much microsoft love from a group of fans of a machouse
22:36 <@treellama> you know the community is dying when the trolls are this low quality :(
22:37 < Harold_pa> sure tl, cling to you scripting language if you must
22:37 < Harold_pa> but i am not trolling
22:37 < Harold_pa> c# is rubbish, even irons agreed
22:37 <@treellama> how does a lack of irrational hatred of microsoft translate to love?
22:37 < Harold_pa> but sure
22:37 < ray> you said "scripting language" how are you not trolling
22:37 <@treellama> yeah
22:37 <@treellama> do you know what a scripting language is?
22:37 < Harold_pa> ok fine
22:37 < Harold_pa> you got me there
22:37 < Harold_pa> it was a provocative statement
22:37 < jon_irons> "C# is rubbish (Irons 342)"
22:38 < jon_irons> actually i wonder what line number that was on
22:38 <@treellama> haha, do we have line numbers here
22:38 < meatmanek> treellama, it's verses
22:38 < jon_irons> i mean the line number in the spylog
22:38 < ray> no, that would be irons 3:42
22:38 < meatmanek> Unholy Bible, the book of Irons, verse 342.
22:38 < Harold_pa> (14:28:26) jon_irons: tl, C# sucks so bad
22:38 < meatmanek> there's only one chapter.
22:39 < Harold_pa> ok tl tell me why php is a scripting language and c# isn't please?
22:39 < meatmanek> is it compiled?
22:39 < jon_irons> Chapter 1: Welcome to the Chilron
22:39 < ray> Chatpter-1
22:39 < jon_irons> good point
22:39 < Harold_pa> both can be compiled, both can be interpreted
22:40 < meatmanek> php is typically interpreted
22:40 < meatmanek> c# is typically interpreted
22:40 < meatmanek> er
22:40 < Harold_pa> correct
22:40 <@treellama> well, if that were the qualification for considering something a scripting language, that might be a valid argument
22:40 < meatmanek> compiled
22:40 < Harold_pa> lol
22:40 <@treellama> I'm glad you proved you don't know what a scripting language is
22:40 < Harold_pa> please enlighten us all tl
22:41 <@treellama> C# is type safe, PHP is not
22:41 < meatmanek> anyway
22:41 < meatmanek> harold_pa is annoying me
22:41 < jon_irons> p.s. TL: it was line 226775
22:41 < Harold_pa> anyway enjoy c# tl, i'm sorry if you misperceived my judgement of c# as a judgement of you. i love your contributions to the community
22:41 < Harold_pa> and i'm going to leave now
22:41 <@treellama> any language can be compiled, and any language can be interpreted, come on, you should know that
22:41 < Harold_pa> i thought for a while you didn't like me
22:41 <@treellama> that's basic CS :(
22:41 <@treellama> I don't like being trolled
22:41 < ray> computer scientism
22:42 < meatmanek> first church of computers, scientist?
22:42 <@treellama> I don't really dislike anybody here except maybe for kypz
22:42 < ray> and rightfully so
22:42 <@treellama> you're totally allowed to express a dislike of something, but it's better when you have reasons for saying something sucks that have weight behind them, and you look like you know what you're talking about
22:43 < Harold_pa> the point is as an interpreted language it is affecting an existing api/app
22:43 <@Wrkncacnter> i hate language
22:43 < Harold_pa> like .NET
22:44 < Harold_pa> or apache
22:44 < ray> .NET is totally different :(
22:44 < Harold_pa> in the case of php
22:44 <@Wrkncacnter> i have no reasons for saying it either
22:44 < meatmanek> so c++ is interpreted because it uses the std api?
22:44 < ray> in nomine patrick et filii et spiritus sancti, amen
22:44 <@treellama> meatmanek: managed visual C++
22:44 <@treellama> clearly
22:44 < Harold_pa> we're discussing the difference between script/compiled
22:44 <@treellama> so, what language passes your purity litmus test?
22:44 <@treellama> straight C?
22:45 < Harold_pa> hence the use of the interpreted comparison
22:45 < meatmanek> straight binary.
22:45 < Harold_pa> c
22:45 <@treellama> no, there is no difference between script/compiled
22:45 < Harold_pa> or asm
22:45 < Harold_pa> not masm
22:45 < Harold_pa> asm
22:45 <@treellama> you are making baby Turing cry
22:45 < ray> not masm asm? what is that supposed to mean
22:45 < Harold_pa> ray look it up
22:45 < ray> you should just agree with treellama
22:45 < Harold_pa> ok treellama feel free to correct me
22:45 <@Wrkncacnter> tl is always wrong
22:45 <@Wrkncacnter> just agree with me
22:45 <@treellama> this statement is wrong
22:45 < Harold_pa> this is a free exchange of info
22:45 < Harold_pa> i'll be glad to learn
22:46 <@Wrkncacnter> what info are you giving him in exchange?
22:46 <@treellama> usually we call things scripting languages because they are not type safe
22:46 <@treellama> examples: PHP, python, perl
22:46 -!- RyokoTK [] has quit ["Leaving."]
22:46 <@treellama> interestingly, we don't call JavaScript a scripting language! because it's type safe
22:46 < jon_irons> ryoko come back
22:46 < ray> examples from the haskell perspective: everything but haskell
22:47 < Harold_pa> you mean exemptions etc?
22:47 <@treellama> exemptions? like on your IRS 1040?
22:47 < jon_irons> hello_world.nothorns
22:47 < Harold_pa> if thats a US joke i don't get it
22:47 < Harold_pa> i'm in australia
22:47 < jon_irons> oh hi hux
22:47 <@treellama> ok, that explains a LOT
22:47 < ray> haha
22:47 < Harold_pa> yeh yeh
22:47 < ray> it's a tax form, incidentally
22:47 < Harold_pa> ok so back to the computer thing
22:48 < ray> not that i pay tax, i live on the street
22:48 < jon_irons> you collect taxes
22:48 < ray> i do
22:48 <@Wrkncacnter> what is this "computer" thing you speak of
22:49 <@treellama> I'm waiting for an explanation myself
22:49 < Harold_pa> treellamas explanation of type safety and how it relates to scripts
22:49 < jon_irons> wrk, let me come downstairs and i'll explain computers
22:49 <@Wrkncacnter> let's meet in the unlocked maintenance closet
22:49 < jon_irons> 'ke
22:49 < Harold_pa> "A scripting language, script language or extension language, is a programming language that allows some control of a single or many software application(s)."
22:49 < Harold_pa> if something is interpreted
22:50 < Harold_pa> it depends on existing compiled code
22:50 <@treellama> ok
22:50 < ray> however, treellama, C is used for most systems programming and it's about as type-safe as a bad metaphor like this one
22:50 <@treellama> this is a bad argument for you to be in, when you don't know what interpreted means, what compiled code means, what type safety is
22:50 < ray> and i know i'm just confusing this other guy by saying that
22:50 < jon_irons> that was mind-blowing self-awareness, ray
22:50 < Harold_pa> lol treellama
22:50 < Harold_pa> do you know what bytecode looks like?
22:51 <@Wrkncacnter> he should have sweatervest explain this stuff to him
22:51 < jon_irons> like an arc of electricity
22:51 < ray> haha
22:51 < jon_irons> 01010101011101012
22:51 < Harold_pa> have you every hand coded machine language
22:51 < Harold_pa> i know what compiled is
22:51 < Harold_pa> i play with hex regularly
22:51 < ray> sweatervest probably knows all about programming languages
22:51 <@Wrkncacnter> i play with hex in my backyard every day
22:51 < jon_irons> vest + donuts
22:51 < jon_irons> sweaternuts?
22:51 < Harold_pa> anyway i like you treelama, i just as you or someone pointed out, i have an irrational hatred of ms and c#
22:51 < Harold_pa> i'm sorry it has come between us
22:52 <@Wrkncacnter> lol "come between us"
22:52 <@treellama> oh, that hasn't come between us
22:52 <@Wrkncacnter> this is great
22:52 <@treellama> your calling "exceptions" "exemptions" and thinking they had something to do with type safety might have
22:52 <@Wrkncacnter> to go to coolege?
22:52 < Harold_pa> that is pure troll & you know it tl
22:52 < meatmanek> are we still feeding the troll?
22:53 < Harold_pa> if i searched i could probably pick you up on some spelling mistakes
22:53 <@treellama> I guess
22:53 <@treellama> do you want me to stop?
22:53 < jon_irons> please start.
22:53 < Harold_pa> whatever, correct me if i'm wrong
22:53 <@treellama> have I not done so?
22:53 < Harold_pa> i'm going to remain quiet now, i'm sure you'll all be glad
22:53 < meatmanek> listen
22:53 < meatmanek> everybody stfu about what language is best
22:53 <@treellama> you don't have to stay quiet, just don't talk about stuff you don't know anything about
22:53 < meatmanek> nobody programs applications in assembly
22:53 < Harold_pa> omg
22:53 < jon_irons> tl, wtf is the point of this channel
22:53 < Harold_pa> meatmanek you have no clue
22:54 < Harold_pa> NO CLUE
22:54 < meatmanek> nobody programs low level drivers in c#
22:54 < jon_irons> you have NO CLUE
22:54 < meatmanek> php is mostly for webpages
22:54 < jon_irons> you have NO CLUE
22:54 < meatmanek> and I don't give a shit what harold_pa thinks.
22:54 <@treellama> I'll bet harold writes applications in ASM
22:54 < Harold_pa> ok, give me a small program to write
22:54 < jon_irons> a2m
22:54 < Harold_pa> i'll write it for you now
22:54 < Harold_pa> right here
22:54 < Harold_pa> now
22:54 < ray> factorial function
22:54 <@Wrkncacnter> make it a guy dancing around in a window
22:54 < jon_irons> nitsloch
22:55 < jon_irons> only wrk's or mine can count as an application
22:55 < meatmanek> Harold_pa, now take the factorial function and compile it on windows, mac (intel and ppc), linux (x86, x86_64, sparc, ppc, ...)
22:55 < jon_irons> although i could imagine ray adding to his dock if he had OS X
22:55 < meatmanek> oh, you say you have to rewrite your assembly for every different processor?
22:55 < meatmanek> it seems like someone should make an abstraction of what the assembly does
22:55 < jon_irons> manek, what century are you in
22:55 < meatmanek> and make some sort of program to convert that abstraction to assembly
22:56 <@treellama> haha
22:56 < meatmanek> such that you could use the same abstracted code on different architectures
22:56 <@treellama> I will accept CLR bytecode
22:56 < jon_irons> i thought they invented pseudocode to end this whole debate
22:56 <@treellama> haha this is awesome
22:57 -!- mode/#alephone [+v meatmanek] by treellama
22:57 <+meatmanek> not to mention fortran
22:57 <@treellama> now that's what I call feeding the troll
22:57 < ray> he's not here
22:57 < ray> he left to write the factorial function
22:57 < ray> he's never coming back
22:57 <@treellama> is FORTRAN a scripting language, meatmanek? harold?
22:57 < jon_irons> tl, yes
22:58 < jon_irons> all-caps name
22:58 < jon_irons> just like BASIC
22:58 <@treellama> why don't you guys get wound up earlier, it's getting late :(
22:58 < jon_irons> guilty as charged
22:58 <@Wrkncacnter> pop quiz douchebags, is JUICEscript a scripting language?
22:58 < jon_irons> no
22:58 < jon_irons> mixed-case
22:58 <+meatmanek> lol
22:58 <+meatmanek> what about Cobol?
22:59 < jon_irons> Cobol backwards is loboC, so yes
22:59 <@treellama> I thought JUICEscript was a drink :(
22:59 <@Wrkncacnter> it is
22:59 <@Wrkncacnter> you're on your game tonight
22:59 < Harold_pa> .EQU TOTAL = 0x80
22:59 < Harold_pa> .EQU COUNT = 0x81
22:59 < Harold_pa> .DEF FACT = (factorial number)
22:59 < Harold_pa> LDI R1, FACT
22:59 < Harold_pa> CLRW R2
22:59 < Harold_pa> MOV TOTAL, R2
22:59 < Harold_pa> LOOP:
22:59 < Harold_pa> LDI R3, COUNT
22:59 < Harold_pa> LDI TOTAL, R2
22:59 < Harold_pa> ADD TOTAL, R1
22:59 < Harold_pa> SUBI R3, I
22:59 <@treellama> oh no you don't
22:59 < Harold_pa> STS COUNT, R3
22:59 < Harold_pa> CPI R3, 0
22:59 < Harold_pa> BREQ DONE
22:59 < Harold_pa>
22:59 -!- Harold_pa was kicked from #alephone by Wrkncacnter [thanks]
22:59 <+meatmanek> Harold_pa, okay,
22:59 <+meatmanek> damnit
22:59 < jon_irons> tl broke the program lol
22:59 <@treellama> I was going to mode +m
22:59 -!- Harold_pa [n=p4@] has joined #alephone
22:59 < Harold_pa> ok i'll use pastebin
22:59 < Harold_pa> sorry for flood
22:59 <+meatmanek> thank you.
23:00 < jon_irons> thank, you
23:00 < ray> wait, you know what pastebin is and you pasted that?
23:00 -!- treellama changed the topic of #alephone to: Marathon Open Source | | | Get Aleph One 0.21.2 if you play online, released 2008-12-26 | | NO SPAMMING ASM
23:00 <@Wrkncacnter> haha
23:00 <@treellama> I tried your code on my alpha and it didn't work :(
23:00 < Harold_pa> sorry
23:00 < jon_irons> works fine here tl
23:00 < Harold_pa> no you didn't treellama
23:00 < Harold_pa> and thats not alpha asm
23:00 <@treellama> maybe that's why it didn't work
23:00 <+meatmanek> Harold_pa, okay, now give me a program that calculates the nth fibbonacci number in O(log n) time.
23:01 < Harold_pa>
23:01 < Harold_pa> hahaha
23:01 < Harold_pa> sorry meatmanek
23:01 < Harold_pa> you only get one asm app from me per day
23:01 <+meatmanek> you can do it in Java if you like.
23:01 <@treellama> you should have picked a longer one, meatmanek
23:01 < Harold_pa> where O is a variable meatmanek?
23:01 < jon_irons> System.out.println("\n");
23:01 <@treellama> :C
23:01 <@Wrkncacnter> i'm still waiting for the guy dancing around in my GUI window
23:01 <@treellama> :C :C :C
23:01 < jon_irons> OMG
23:01 <+meatmanek> hahaha
23:01 < jon_irons> even i know
23:01 <@treellama> :C
23:01 < ray> where O is a variable? :C
23:02 < ray> :C
23:02 < jon_irons> :C
23:02 < ray> :C
23:02 <+meatmanek> :C
23:02 <@Wrkncacnter> :C
23:02 < ray> :C
23:02 <+meatmanek> stfu ray
23:02 <@treellama> if O is a variable, tan is a constant
23:02 <+meatmanek> stop frowning
23:02 < jon_irons> true = true
23:02 < Harold_pa> tan cannot be a constant tl
23:02 <@Wrkncacnter> 0 = 5; 0++
23:02 < jon_irons> i beg to differ
23:02 <+meatmanek> const int tan = 5;
23:02 <+meatmanek> done
23:02 < Harold_pa> only with a constant input
23:02 <@treellama> ^^
23:02 < Harold_pa> oh genius
23:02 <+meatmanek> anyway
23:03 < Harold_pa> ok wheres your asm meatmanek?
23:03 <+meatmanek> have you ever taken an algorithms course?
23:03 < Harold_pa> since you know so much about it
23:03 < jon_irons> manek don't bother
23:03 <@treellama> lol asm
23:03 < Harold_pa> oh i'm sure he knows it
23:03 < Harold_pa> just like tl
23:03 < jon_irons> ASs to Mouth
23:03 <@treellama> you might as well ask him to shoe a horse
23:03 < jon_irons> no, i meant "don't bother with explaining O"
23:03 -!- LegacyTyphoon [] has quit ["If I know my Donkey Kong, there will be barrels."]
23:04 < jon_irons> i was a french major and i know this
23:04 <+meatmanek> Harold_pa, gcc fibbonacci.c -S -o fibbonacci.s
23:04 < jon_irons> that's not working on my lisp machine, bro
23:04 < Harold_pa> lol
23:04 <@treellama> why do you taunt me like that :(
23:04 < ray> Prelude> let 1 + 1 = 3 in 1 + 1
23:04 < ray> 3
23:04 < ray> this is why haskell is so great
23:04 < Harold_pa> meatmanek, you're invoking gcc to compile a c file i see no asm there
23:05 <@treellama> do you know what -S does, harold
23:05 < Harold_pa> that is not writing asm
23:05 <@treellama> that is exactly what it outputs
23:05 < Harold_pa> that is getting an app to do it for you
23:05 < jon_irons> you are not writing words
23:05 < jon_irons> you are getting your app to do it for you
23:05 < Harold_pa> that uses a c file to generate the asm
23:06 <@treellama> it is still asm
23:06 <@Wrkncacnter> i hope you work like 100 hours a week to get your shit done
23:06 <@treellama> if that's all you understand, I don't see what the problem is how it was generated
23:06 <@treellama> a compiler will 100% of the time generate better output than you can, monkey
23:06 <+meatmanek> Harold_pa,
23:06 < jon_irons> too true
23:06 <@treellama> the sooner you learn that, the better off you'll be
23:06 < Harold_pa> and that statement proves you don't know asm tl
23:06 <@treellama> LMAO meat
23:06 <@treellama> L M A O
23:06 < Harold_pa> i have asm which executes faster than gcc can even at opt 2
23:07 < jon_irons> lol use opt 3 done
23:07 < Harold_pa> all that useless register shuffling it does
23:07 < Harold_pa> mindless stack pushing
23:07 < jon_irons> sounds a lot like hand-coding asm
23:07 < Harold_pa> wow anyway
23:08 < Harold_pa> i've wasted my own time
23:08 <+meatmanek> it seems like someone should study how to optimize assembly code
23:08 < Harold_pa> and all of yours
23:08 -!- LegacyTyphoon [] has joined #alephone
23:08 < jon_irons> (coding asm)
23:08 <@Wrkncacnter> that's what this place is for
23:08 < jon_irons> ^
23:08 < jon_irons> tru7h
23:08 <+meatmanek> and then put all of that knowledge into one automated C to assembly machine
23:08 <@treellama> yeah, I just wish we could start earlier
23:08 < jon_irons> that's why i came back
23:08 <@Wrkncacnter> what else am i supposed to do while ubuntu downloads from this slow ass server
23:08 <@treellama> I don't want to leave this, keep it going and I'll scan through the log for gems tomorrow
23:08 < jon_irons> ok
23:08 <@Wrkncacnter> i think it's over
23:08 < jon_irons> i'll play the part of treellama
23:08 <@treellama> that's OK too
23:09 -!- jon_irons is now known as lleetrama
23:09 <@Wrkncacnter> i can't keep it up, i can't take these conversations seriously
23:09 < lleetrama> I HATE YOU
23:09 <+meatmanek> I think "where O is a variable?" is probably the best
23:09 < lleetrama> L M A O
23:09 < ray> L M A O(n)
23:09 -!- Wrkncacnter is now known as treeyama
23:09 < Harold_pa> yeh yeh you think i don't know about "opposite"
23:09 < lleetrama> C:
23:09 < ray> what
23:09 < Harold_pa> i wanted to be sure he wasn't trying to trick me with 0log
23:09 <+meatmanek> what
23:09 <@treeyama> where log is a variable
23:09 < lleetrama> log is a constant
23:09 <@treellama> no, you can't try to outdo what you've already done
23:10 < lleetrama> FUCK YOU WRK
23:10 < lleetrama> TREEYAMA
23:10 <@treellama> you have to make it look like it comes naturally
23:10 <@treeyama> all he has to do is post that picture again
23:10 <+meatmanek> Harold_pa, could you explain what "opposite" means then?
23:10 < Harold_pa> whatever, enjoy your ignorance. you can say what you like after i'm gone. clearly none of you know asm or the subtle differences between something which has been hand-coded and something is generated by a compiler.
23:10 -!- Harold_pa [n=p4@] has left #alephone []
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Post Sep 14th '09, 21:55


irons wrote:23:10 < Harold_pa> whatever, enjoy your ignorance. you can say what you like after i'm gone. clearly none of you know asm or the subtle differences between something which has been hand-coded and something is generated by a compiler.


I'm no code-guru but even I know he's an idiot.
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Post Sep 15th '09, 00:26

I just wanted people to see where "C# is a scripting language" came from so they can be up to speed when Weland comes out.
underworld : simple fun netmaps // prahblum peack : simple rejected netmaps
azure dreams : simple horrible netmaps // v6.0!!!: thomas mann's greatest hits : simple simple netmaps
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Post Sep 15th '09, 07:28

Just to feed the troll... [MLaugh]
I made an internship in a (well known and respected, at least in its domain) software company where they use a few hand written optimized pieces of ASM code for some of the "critical" parts of their applications.
irons wrote:
QUOTE(irons @ Dec 18 2009, 12:47 AM)

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Nantes, France

Post Sep 15th '09, 13:32

But do they throw and catch exemptions?
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