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Post Jan 1st '11, 11:29

Marathoner325 wrote:Actually sixteen years since M1. (December 21, 1994.)

Oh right, days within the year count too.

So we've still got 11 or so months to find Lh'owon before we're behind schedule...
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Post Jan 1st '11, 18:03

Happy New year to everyone in the Pfhorums!! May we make this year a revival of Marathon!
Pfhorever my greatest and only love. Let us not pfhorsake that which has brought us together.

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Post Jan 2nd '11, 03:47

Taipei 101, 2nd (CURSE YOU DUBAI!) tallest building in the world. Asia is kind if crazy about their fireworks.
It's also Taiwan's 100th anniversary, which means it's extra insane. 2:44 is probably the best part.
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Post Jan 2nd '11, 08:57

Happy New Year!
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Post Jan 16th '11, 15:09

bla bla bla, can i have permission to start a new topic now?!


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