New YouTube series about Mac games

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New YouTube series about Mac games

Post Nov 16th '16, 22:54

Hi everyone,

I recently started a video series about old Mac games! There are already a few videos up there, both with and without commentary. A recent video is about Marathon predecessor, Pathways into Darkness.

Check it out here (like and subscribe, etc.): ... P3ZXpwISsw

Feel free to leave feedback. I'm a bit new to video stuff but have been getting the hang of it, I think. I'll be posting a few special videos eventually, too.
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Think Indifferent

Post Nov 16th '16, 23:39

Your link is broken.
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Post Nov 17th '16, 00:20

Oops! Fixed.
Think Indifferent

Post Apr 17th '17, 20:35

Link is not opening is my browser. I am using firefox portable version. Is there some wrong with my browser or link not functional anymore???
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