a short story i want to share with the community

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a short story i want to share with the community

Post Aug 27th '17, 23:39

Hey guys!
let me start by saying that you obviously don't know me well, if at all, as I'm not really that active these days, but nevertheless I know you. I've been a long time marathon fan for many many years (well over a decade and a half)
I've played all the marathon scenarios and enjoyed them all. I personally think marathon is the best game that was ever created, because it inspired me to use my imagination to solve problems (long story short)- Marathon is perhaps the story that started it all for me, yes I know that you may not understand what exactly I mean by that, but you don't have to.

What I'm bringing you today is a work I've done, a story if you will more or less with marathon related references in the chapter titles and dialogue. it is a story I hold dear and true to my heart, and I wish to share it with everyone, not just the marathon community.

so here I will post it for now in this format.

I really would appreciate if you could comment on it and give me honest feedback on what you all thought about it, even offer some suggestions on how I could improve it.

so without further ado, here it is!
(in the attached file)

The Great White Dragon

Our following story begins at a certain time and place, but in no wise is it said to belong to
any particular place or time.
What can be said of the setting is simply that it takes place in a certain far off and eastern
land somewhere in the world. Our chief character throughout the story is a man by the name of
Manu.(who has no relation in particular to the one who's legend survives in ancient Indian texts).
We call him so, simply because the name fits him the best.

Manu was a humble man who lived in the valleys between great and lofty peaks of his
native country. He was a cunning artificer of great stone works, and a he built many structures of
fine and artistic quality - so perfect in his craft was he, that many men had employed him to build
their homes and palaces. He was well pleased with his lot in life. Though he was humble, he was
not without dignity and honor. He was also a loner and did not have many friends, or even family
whom he spent much time with, and certainly he never drew much attention to himself out in
the world.

Once there came a time when he was invited to join a secret fraternity known as the
brothers of "TGWD"- which stands for -"The Great White Dragon". These men had seen great
virtue in Manu, and desired that he join them. Surely enough after much consideration, Manu
had graciously accepted their offer, and was sworn in as a brother on the eve of the darkest day
of the year- the winter solstice. Such ceremony was the tradition of the society of TGWD.
After passing through the initial stages of the mystic practices of the order, he quickly
progressed through the various degrees that required him to master a specific art, science, moral
and philosophic principles. When the time finally came for him, having arrived at the last degree,
he was instructed by the elder sage, who gave him the secret password he would need for the final
and greatest trial that was yet in store for him.

It was in the secret lodge of the society that Manu was prepared to embark on his quest- of
the details he knew very little, except that it required him to climb the Great Mountain of the
world, and meet a mysterious figure at the summit whom would show him the last secret to be
learned. This figure was simply known as the Great White Dragon.

Of the tools that were required of his journey, there was none, except his esoteric training
and his great virtue would alone serve him as a means to reach the summit by the seventh day,
alive and in good health. Not even food nor water was given to him, he would have to rely solely
on his great faith that he would go without starving or become thirsty. For he would indeed be
tested in more ways than are imaginable- he begins his quest.

Chapter I. The Pathway into Where the fool
dares to tread.

The sun rose on the first day of his journey. As he arrived at the base of the great
mountain, he was faced with three pathways that would take him higher and higher. The path to
his right was greatly rocky and magnificent trees of evergreen were in his path. The path in the
middle of the others, seemed to ascend upwards quite smoothly, but was teaming with all sorts of
wild animals that were a threat to his safety. To the left of him, the path was not ascending
upwards, but downward instead, into the nether regions of the valleys below.

Manu was perplexed at first on which path he would take. He saw that by taking the steep
and impassible path to his right would only delay and hinder his progress.
If on the other hand he took the path to his left that lead downward, he would be defeating
his purpose of the mission.

Alas, he found himself no choice but to go through the path in front of him that was
infested with all kinds of wild beast- this was the path he chose. He traveled along the path, all
the time he did, he was threatened to be devoured by the animals- great cats and poisonous
serpents were everywhere! He grew faint halfway along, and was afraid he would never get
through this complex labyrinth of beasts. When at last he was confronted by a whole host of
them, it was then that he remembered the secret word. He had faith in the word, he could hear a
still small voice well up inside him - "Don't be afraid, nor give in, for I am with you".
And so he spoke the sacred mantra-


and immediately the beasts stopped their assault on him, and they retreated to the sides of
the path to make way for Manu.
Manu so astonished by what just happened, froze in amazement. How could all these beasts
lay aside their ravenous ways and be still? Well before he had time to think about it, suddenly a
great goat-like creature that was part man, and goat appeared on the path, and announced to
Manu, the following -

"Behold, O' Man, why does thou seek to finish the path?"
And Manu replied-
"I seek to meet the great white dragon who lives at the summit."
Then said the goat-man,-
"What makes you think I should let you pass?"
Manu replied-
"Because I will not allow your fellow friends here to impede my progress."
And the goat-man replied-
"Behold, you have a strong will that even I can respect, therefore I shall let you pass, but
before I do, I wish to grant to you a gift."

Manu then asked-
"What is your name, and why do you want to give me a gift?"
And the goat-man replied saying-

"I am that great spirit that dwells in the wilderness who hath been named Azazel- that spirit
which roams without reason or cause. I want to give you a gift because it will serve thee well in
your quest."

And he gave him a red velvet bag, and inside it was a rough stone that had a salty-like
texture to it. Upon the stone was written the following-


And also inside the bag was a necklace of four red-petals of the lotus flower strung about it,
which Manu wore.
Manu thanked the spirit of the wilderness, and he was finally able to continue on the

When night set in, Manu rested his head upon the stone and meditated. He prayed the
following prayer before he went to sleep-
"My father who art within, grant me courage from thine heart, wisdom from thine mind,
and strength by thy hand!"
He slept dreamless until dawn.
Thus was the end of the first day.

Chapter II. The city of tarnished jewels .

way up the mountainside. About midday he grew ever slightly thirsty, but he knew that he
could not drink any liquid of any kind whatsoever. Further along the path he came to a great city
that was on a plateau and he could not pass any further without going through the city. He was
disheartened, but he went onwards into it, unbeknownst to him what was inside.

Inside the city he was immediately met by all scenes of indecency and obscene and vile acts
were being performed out in the open for all to see, and all manner of corruption and evil
abounded within. Manu could hardly stand the sight of it all, but alas, the pathway lead him no
other way than by going through the city.

He grew more thirsty as the sight of fine wines were scattered about on tables before him as
he went up the city streets. Eventually his thirst grew so great at one point he was tempted to take
just a small drink- but he could not! For in doing so he would fail at his mission. Manu was once
again disheartened, it was then that he remembered the word, and the voice within him welled
up again, and said-

"Just remain patient and calm, speak the word again."

And Manu spoke the mantra again- and all the activity in the city ceased. It was as if
everyone was frozen in time.
Suddenly there then appeared on the path a great and intimidating woman, clothed in
orange and wore a necklace of orange colored petals of the lotus flower, and she spoke to him

"Just what have you done to my city?! Don't you know who I am? For I am the great queen
of this city, how dare you stop us all from our ceaseless feasting on the bread and wine that I
myself have so prepared for my citizens!"
And Manu replied-

"This city lies in my way of the path to find the great white dragon who lives at the top of
the summit. The word which I've uttered forth has put a stop to all thy iniquities, you must now
move out of my way at once!"
And the woman replied-

"I know why you have come, but I will not move until you take a drink of my wine."
The woman offered a drink of an intoxicating quality to Manu, but seeing that this was a
trap and plot to sabotage his quest, Manu then replied to the woman saying-
"I will not partake of such worldly affaires. You must get out of my way by the power of
that word which I spoke."

The women staggered backwards, as if injured by Manu's word, and just as she was about
to fall over the cliff into the abyss below, she cast off her necklace of six orange colored lotus
petals, and it landed next to the feet of Manu. He went to pick it up, and as he did, the woman
screamed out and wailed a curse at him, and fell down into the abyss, crashing into the jagged
rocks below.

Manu put on the necklace, and was once again in awe at what he had just witnessed. The
sun was setting, the path now clear, he went onwards up the great mountain.
When night had fallen he examined the red velvet bag again, and pulled out the rough
stone and he peered at it and noticed that something new had occurred to it- a new phrase was
written upon it, and it said-


Manu was so amazed, he gave thanks to his father within by saying his usual prayer, and
went into dreamless sleep.
Thus the second day had come to an end.

Chapter III. Feel the power.

The sun rose on the third day of his quest. He awoke considerably hungry, and even
more thirsty. He started to climb the path. It was about early afternoon when he came upon a
most interesting scene- he saw on the path before him a great table spread out, and many
nobleman of earthly things were seated at the table- kings and princes. They were discussing
among themselves how they might rule the world, when Manu met them. They stopped talking
when they noticed his presence, and there arose among them a great king who greeted Manu by
saying -

" We've been expecting someone like you to come along and dine with us at this fine table,
we welcome you to join us in our conversation about how we will conquer the world and all the
inhabitants thereof."
And Manu replied-

" I do not wish to join in such in such vain and selfish endeavors, I only seek to continue
along this path to meet the Great White Dragon who lives at the top of the summit."
And the great king replied-

"And just what makes you think there even is a great white dragon at the summit of this
great mountain of the world? Look here before yourself, we are great and mighty rulers of the
earth, we need not believe in fairy tales, we have everything that we desire right here. Come and
join us in our feast, the host is about to come and serve us our banquet."
And Manu replied-

"No, I am on a most important quest, for my purpose is much higher than the things you
kings of material wealth can offer me, and I care not what you may think to be true of the
dragon, and I must go on and meet him. Therefore I will not partake in your feast and vain
dreams of power."

Just then the host appeared and carried a great platter upon which the feast was prepared
for the kings and princes, and served it to them.
Then the great king said to Manu-

" We will let you pass to continue on your fruitless journey, but only if you eat of this fine
bread and drink of the wine prepared for us by the great queen of the city of jewels , now come!
We see you are famished and quenched from your journey."
Manu then said-

"Behold! Your queen is dead, I saw her fall down into the great abyss, she no longer runs
her schemes and evil devices. Your bread and wine is a lie!"
The kings grew angry with Manu after he had proclaimed these things, and looked as if
they were about to pounce on him and kill him. But Manu heard the voice within him say-
"Use the power of the word."

Just as they were approaching him, he uttered the mantra again with bold firmness, and the
kings fell down in their seats and froze as if dead. The great king reached into his royal robe, and
pulled out a necklace, this time of ten yellow petals of the lotus flower, and as he reached out
clutching the necklace for dear life, and he fell dead and lifeless.

Manu then went over to his body and picked up the necklace, and wore it around his neck.
Now the path was at last clear and open, and Manu went his way upward until night fell. Before
he lay down to sleep, he peered into the red velvet bag once again, and discovered a new
engraving was upon it that said-


Manu prayed and gave thanks, he fell asleep, dreamless. it began to snow...and thus the
third day had come to an end.

Chapter IV. A friend in need.

The sun rose on the fourth day. Manu awoke to the sensation of being rather cold. When
he opened his eyes, he saw that it was snowing quite fiercely and the sky was white, as well as the
ground. He began to go about his quest. For a good portion of the day he battled against the
elements as he climbed ever higher. He had made it to the midway point by now, but the trials
before him would be great.

It was late afternoon when Manu came across a stranger on the path. Manu saw that he
was in agony due to the cold, and he was laying there on the ground shivering. The man lacked a
coat to protect him from the cold. He cried out to Manu-

"Look here, over here! I am dying in this cold, will thou help me by giving me that coat
which you wear?"

Manu, so disturbed by this sight, rushed over to the man and said to him-
"My good sir, I see that you are near death, I will gladly offer up my coat and sacrifice my
own comfort for your survival."
And the man replied -

" Behold! My brother of the great white dragon, I was traveling along this very same route
as you are on, and with the same quest as you, to meet the great one who lives at the summit,
when out of nowhere three thieves attacked me, and stole my own coat from me, beware! They
are ahead along the path."

And he continued saying-
"I am a member of the Great White Dragon society, a fellow craftsman much as yourself,
blessed are you, O' Manu, for I give you now a gift in return for saving my life."
And the man took off of himself a necklace with twelve green petals of the lotus flower,
and gave it to Manu, placing it around his head. Then the he said -

"Faith, Hope, and Charity my brother! Remember these virtues for they will serve thee

And Manu gave thanks to the man, and they embraced each other in a brotherly way.
Finally the man said -
"I will meet, and be with you at the top of the summit with the others, peace be with you,
And the man then quickly raced up the mountainside, faster than Manu could follow.
Manu felt a new sense of vigor and strength regenerating inside himself, for it was enough to
make him forget about his hunger, thirst, and cold.

Night was falling, and Manu was about to lay down to sleep, but before he did, he looked at
the rough stone once more, and surely enough, a new inscription was upon it, and it read


Manu gave thanks, and prayed to his father within. He went to sleep- but this time he had a
dream...and in the dream he saw a great crowd gathering, and looking at the sky, they sung songs
of of awe and wonder- the sight which they were looking at was all the stars in the great vault of
heaven were dancing around in fluid-like motions. Than Manu woke up from the vision, the fifth
day was upon him.
And thus came the end of the fourth day

Chapter V. The unworthy craftsmen.

The sun rose on the fifth day. Manu got up and continued on his journey upwards. He
was hungry, thirsty and cold, but nevertheless, he pushed on with a great will to see an end to his
long quest, and to meet the great white dragon. He climbed, and climbed, all day long in fact. It
was early evening by the time Manu was getting ready to take a rest, when suddenly out of
nowhere, three men surrounded him and would not allow him pass any further. They wore cloaks
and were armed with weapons which they intended to assail Manu with.

They spoke to Manu, declaring-
"We were once members of the great white dragon society, but when we found out the path
to the dragon was too hard to follow, we stopped here, and became thieves seeking other aspiring
journeyers to rob and kill. Now we see you are tired and hungry. We seek to steal your necklaces
of many colors."

Manu froze in fear, and before he could open his mouth, he was struck upon the throat with
a rod, so aggressive was the assault that he could not speak in a loud voice anymore, but only
whisper in a soft tone.
Just as the thieves were about to strike him again, they laughed mockingly at him and said-
"Now comes an end to your aspirations to meet the dragon, and to your quest, how sad it is
to be you!"

And then just as one of the evil men were about to pierce Manu with a sword, it was then
that Manu heard the voice inside him say -
" Word, remember the word."

And Manu whispered under his breath the sacred mantra -
And then suddenly the weapons the men held in their hands became poisonous serpents,
and attacked the three thieves with fierce bites of wrath against them. The thieves fell dead and
Manu was spared his life. He found among their bodies sixteen sky blue colored lotus petals and a
necklace to attach them to, and he put it on. So astonished was he at the power of the word, he
asked himself-

"Just what is this strange and mysterious word which was given to me that makes all things
fall dead before me, yet I myself do not die? Glory to this word!"
And Manu got up and left the area in great haste, and set up camp once again, for now it
was night. He looked at the stone yet again, and Behold! A new phrase was inscribed upon it,


Manu was literally speechless, for now he suffered injury from the attack, and he could
hardly speak, but faithful as he always was, he whispered and thought out the prayer he usually
said, and gave thanks.
He went to bed, and dreamed...and in the dream he saw himself on the summit which he
had yet to see in waking life, and about his head was a crown of white gold radiance, and he
heard a voice say-
"Though The world has forgotten , unto those I love, shall I reveal myself and crown thee
with divine perfection, though I was slain, I still yet live."
Manu awoke and dawn was approaching.
Thus was the end of the fifth day.

Chapter VI. Blind, but now I see.

The sun rose on the sixth day. Manu got up, and here at last he could feel the journey
coming to a close end. He raced as fast as he could all day long up the mountainside. Yes, all day
he fought against hunger, thirst, cold, and now pain, for he was now very sore where the wouldbe
killers had attacked him.

From this elevation he could see all the valleys below, for now it had stopped snowing, and
the clouds were parallel to the side of the mountain.
Manu at last came just as evening was well underway to a great temple, magnificent was it.
Two great columns guarded the entryway inside and the light of torches burning illuminated the
whole exterior of the temple. On top of the two columns were globes- one terrestrial, the other
celestial, and above the entrance was inscribed the following-


Manu entered between the two pillars. Once inside, he took a look around. It was very
ornately decorated with all sorts of mystical symbols and hieroglyphs, and was very spacious, and
he saw a small pool of bubbling water. He also saw that incense was being burnt all about the
floor- the lovely aroma of sandalwood filled the entire structure, and produced a kind of purple
fog which made seeing rather difficult, especially if there hadn't been lamps or candles hanging
from the walls and the ceiling. Manu was in awe at the serenity of this place.

Suddenly two high-priest, robed in White appeared , and they greeted Manu, saying-
"Welcome to the everlasting house of the thousand petaled lotus, we've been expecting you
for a long time now, and know what you seek- entryway through that great door which leads to
the holy of hollies, but before ye may enter, we must first prepare you to meet the great white
dragon who dwells behind that door."
And Manu replied-

"What must be done in order that I may gain entry?"
And the priest replied-
"You must remove your garments and bathe in the pool that lies before you. You must
cleanse yourself of all impurity, and put on a white robe of fine linen as we ourselves wear, but
before you do all theses things, there is one last thing that must be done."
"And what is that?"
Said Manu. The priest replied-
"You must allow us to place two indigo colored lotus petals on your eyes, and with hot rods
shall they be emblazoned on your eyes which have not yet received the true sight."
Manu asked-

"What is this true sight?"

"You will come to know it, just as everyone who has made it this far on the great journey
has." Said the priest.
Manu laid upon the floor and let the priest apply the hot - burning petals of the flower to
be placed over his eyes. At first the burning sensation was rather intense, but then faded away
faster than he realized. He could not see anything at first, as he could not open his eyes due to the
stinging pain. He was then lead by the hands of the priest to the cleansing pool, where before he
was submerged, the priest said-

"Speak the mantra one more time, this time say only the monosyllable."
And he did as he was submerged. He resurfaced after about thirty seconds, got out, dried
off, and put on his new robe, for now he could see again.
At first Manu noticed he could not see anything special...yet. He was then lead into the holy
place where he would sleep until dawn the next day, for tomorrow was the final day.
The holy place was a chamber that was like a great hall, very wide and spacious. Manu
gave thanks, looked into the red velvet bag once more to examine the rough stone, and he saw
inscribed upon it in ethereal light the words -


And he was in awe that he could now see colors which he had been previously not seen. He
said his prayer silently, the same one he always prayed, in s soft whisper -
"O' great father who art within, grant me courage from thine heart, wisdom from thy mind,
and strength by thine hand!"

He went to sleep...and not soon after he had blacked out, was he suddenly awoken, and
could feel himself being as light as the air. He looked around the chamber and noticed that he
was not alone.

For as if coming out of the walls themselves, there was a host of beings in glowing radiance
of shining light. There was many of them, and they all looked like human beings whom could fly
at will. Manu got up from the floor and walked over to them, when one of them called him out
by name saying-
"Manu, behold! We are the great adepts and sages of all the ages and world over, both past,
present, and future. We have been waiting and watching for your arrival, and are here to assist
you in unlocking that great door over there, but before the time comes we want you to meet
someone very special whom will give you the keys."

Manu was then lead by the being of light to another great being, whom looked quite
distinguished and noble , for he reached over to Manu, grabbed his shoulder, and introduced
himself as a father of a nation yet unborn. And then he said-
"Manu, warm greetings, and blessed are you, for you've gained the sight of true vision,
otherwise you wouldn't have been able to see me, or any of us for that matter. I myself am here
to show you a great mystery which is concealed in symbolism, which will one day be revealed to
all who see it."

He continued saying-
"Manu, reach into that red velvet bag of yours, and pull out that which is inside."
Manu did as he said and put his hand into the bag and pulled out two circular disks of
ethereal light, and upon them he saw a diagram of an unfinished pyramid-like structure, which
lacked a capstone to finish it off, and saw that it was made of seventy-two stones, in rows of
thirteen layers. On the other diagram he saw a great bird with its wings outstretched, reaching
towards heaven. Then the being said to Manu-
" What you see before you is that mystery yet to be revealed, but for you it shall be made

He continued-
"The pyramid which you see represents with its seventy-two stones the base and elemental
nature of a man, of which a man is to become master of the elemental nature of his LOWERSELF
before he can liberate his TRUE SELF from that very elemental tomb which inside dwells
the HIGHER SELF, sleeping and dormant, waiting to be raised and awakened into new life, by
the initiation of the pyramid itself."
He continued -

"When this great work is accomplished, the higher self of a man may soar upwards from
the tomb, like a great Phoenix which you see on the other disk, and rise heaven-ward towards its
true home, which is in the world above."
And then he said-

"Manu, look at the pyramid and think about yourself, and the event which is about to
transpire when you open that locked door. Think about the great mountain of the world you've
limbed, the trials you've gone through- it has not been in vain. You have earned the right to go
through that door, but know ye this, once you enter, there is no turning back. you must go
forward and onward in the face of great adversity. But fear not! For we will be there with you,
watching as you meet the great one. Yes Manu, we will be watching always."
And at last he said -

"Manu, in order that you can unlock that door , you must ask that the keys be given to you,
there are seven such keys, and each one unlocks a portion of the door."
Manu then with a most sincere prayer, said the following-
"O' higher self who art within, grant me the keys to the kingdom!"

And then out of the air appeared before him, seven keys. Four of them silver, and three of
gold. Manu grabbed the keys firmly in his hand, and felt a surge like sensation of higher
knowledge being imparted into him. He then stood before the great white door, glowing in a light
unlike any other, and all the beings of light were behind him urging him to go forward with
courage. He put In the seven keys, the door flung upon, and Manu walked slowly forward out
into the opening, and saw that it lead to a large, circular-like space on top of the mountain. He
could see in the midst of the circle a rising of the summit, spiraling upward in the shape of a
pyramid- like shape. There it was, glimmering in the pre-dawn twilight.
He steps forward to make one last climb...thus came the end of the sixth day, and long
night in the hall of mysteries.

Chapter VII. Where giants have fallen...

The sun had not yet risen on the seventh day, it was just about to dawn though, and
Manu walked out into the open. As soon as he did this, the beings of light burst forth and
ascended skyward to become the morning stars. Manu knew what he must do, he had to climb
the steep inclines of the pyramid, get on top of it, and wait and meditate until the Great White
Dragon would appear. The height of the pyramid shaped rock was about 33 yards high. Manu limbed it with every fiber of his being, he nearly fell off several times before victory was

When Manu got to the top, he saw to his amazement not one sun in the sky, but three,
glowing bright orange-yellow. He was in awe, but then suddenly out of nowhere, a fourth sun had
appeared, and together all four suns were lined up one after the other in a row, just over the
eastern horizon. Manu was puzzled beyond belief, what could this strange, mysterious and awe
inspiring sight mean? He gazed at the four suns. He then intuitively knew what he must do. He
got down and sat in a meditative position, and then the voice inside him whispered to him-"Now
is the time, bring forth that which has been waiting for you." He spoke the word one last time,
only a whisper came out-


And all was silent.
He waited and watched, when suddenly he noticed the ground below the pyramid was
becoming rather black, and quite rapidly, and he saw that the blackness was serpents, bursting
out of the rocks and ground as if out of nowhere! They were black as midnight and there was
millions of them! Then Manu looked up and saw in the sky above him, there appeared a black
star, and the star itself was a cluster of serpents spun around, like a thick spool of yarn, and the
star was gathering all the serpents on the ground, and they were gathered together in the black
star that was now just in front of Manu. He could almost reach out and touch this black mass of
serpents. He watched in horrified awe as the black star began to take to form of a great dragon.
But Manu was very perplexed, he thought to himself-

" where is the white dragon? Wasn't I supposed to meet him here, after all my great
No sooner had Manu finished this thought , the black dragon thundered out a magnificent
roar, and said unto Manu-
" Manu, the one who hath endured till the end of the long, long journey. At last you've
made it to your destination, you have done well in your quest, and are probably wondering why
you see a black dragon before you. Fear not! But know ye this, in order to see the Great White Dragon you've longed to behold, you must first prove yourself worthy of seeing him. Now I must
ask you the question, what makes thou worthy?"

And Manu trembling, could not reply in any spoken word. Then the dragon said -
" Manu, do not despair if you think I cannot hear you, I hear your thoughts, from now on
you may converse and answer to me in your thoughts."

And Manu did as was asked, and he "spoke" in thought the following-
"I Manu, a humble servant and worker of great stone works during my life, was invited to
be initiated in the mysteries of the great white lodge of the Dragon I so long have strived to see,
on the winter solstice. I learned in that lodge various things concerning the nature of being. Now
it came to pass that I advanced up the degrees of the order, and made it to the final degree when
I was commissioned to embark on this most treacherous of journeys to meet the one and only
Great White Dragon who lives here, on this great summit of all the world."
The dragon replied-
" Yes, go on Manu."

Manu then said -
" on the first day of my journey, I encountered many wild beasts whom challenged my
safety and patience. Then I encountered the great goat-man, who called himself Azazel, the
great spirit of the wilderness, after having spoke the word unto him and his minions of terror, he
offered me a gift as a token of my bravery in passing through his labyrinth of monstrosities. He
gave me a rough stone in a red velvet bag, and also a necklace to be worn, which contained four
red petals of the lotus flower. I was then able to proceed on the path."
After Manu had "said" this, the dragon appeared to ever slightly become immobile. Then
the dragon said -

-"Then I noticed that evening before I went to bed, words had appeared on my rough
stone, that said -


-"That you did."
Said the dragon. Manu then said -

"on the second day of my journey I encountered a " on the second day of my journey I encountered a great city of all kinds of abominations
and filth unlike any I had seen before, and its leader, the great queen of the city of jewels. I spoke
the word, and she fell down to her death into the abyss, and threw at me a necklace of six orange
petals of the lotus flower, and that night I saw on my stone the words-


" Yes, that you did."
Said the dragon- ever becoming more stationary and the texture of his scales began to
harden. Manu continued-
" on the third day of my journey, I encountered a great gathering of kings and princes from
all the world over, and they urged me to join them in feasting on things that had no appeal to me,
though I was hungry and thirsty, however, I did not give into their trap- I spoke the word, and
they all fell dead before me, and out of the robe of their leader was found a necklace of ten
yellow lotus petals. That night I looked at the stone again, and it said-
" That is true."
said the black dragon , now becoming rock hard and looking rather mellow in his
expression, he said-
" Go on"
and Manu continued-
"On the fourth day of my quest I encountered a man lying on the ground, in the cold snow,
and crying out to me to save him from the cold, I gave him freely my coat, and he thanked me,
and said the following-
" Faith, Hope, and charity my brother! Remember these virtues, for they will serve you
" he gave me a necklace of twelve green petals of the lotus- I looked at the stone, and on it
was written the phrase -


Then the dragon said -
"Very good.

As now his color was turning from black to grey, his eyes turning grey also.
Manu continued-
"Then on the fifth day I was attacked and wounded by three thieves, they wanted to steal
my necklaces, so they struck me on the throat. A voice from within told me to use the word, so I
did, and their weapons turned to serpents and killed them with poisonous bites. I found among
their bodies a necklace of sixteen sky-blue colored lotus petals. That night I was cold, hungry,
thirsty, and lost my ability to speak in any bold manner anymore. I looked at my stone, and new
words were written upon it that said -
The dragon then said-
"O' Manu, do you yet realize the meaning of the stone, or the words that are inscribed
upon it?"

Manu replied-
"I've yet to figure that out."
The dragon then became a light grey color, his eyes beginning to turn white. Manu
"On the sixth day of my journey, that evening I came across a great temple, and at the
entrance were two great columns with globes on top of them. One looked as if it were a
terrestrial globe, the other celestial. I then preceded into the temple, and met two high priest who
emblazoned upon my eyes two indigo colored petals of the lotus flower, then I was submerged in
the cleansing pool, and after I got out I put on a white robe of fine linen. Then I slept and awoke
to a vision of beings of light who introduced themselves as the adepts and sages of all the ages
and world over. There was one among them who told me that he was a father of a nation yet
unborn, and he told me to peer into my bag and pull out two circular disks. One had an
unfinished pyramid on it, the other a magnificent bird with its wings outstretched. Then this
being of light explained the symbolic mystery of these two disks, and told me to think about
myself in this context. He then proceeded to guide me in asking for the "keys to the kingdom"
and when I asked for the keys from my HIGHER-SELF, then they appeared before my very eyes.
used the keys to open the great white door that lead me here, to the summit of the mountain. I
saw upon my stone in ethereal light the words

and behold, here I am now now waiting to meet the great white dragon."
Then the dragon asked-
"And who bears testimony to these things which you have spoken?"
Manu then proceeded to outstretch his arms and extend his hands, his left hand pointing
down to the earth, his right hand pointing up towards heaven. Then the dragon became as
though a stone, suspended in air, and his eyes turned gold, and from the midst of his body was
emitted rays of light, and he thundered the words -


Then suddenly the dragon burst forth and his stone like body cracked open, as a bird
breaking out of its shell. Then in a burst of brilliant light, the dragon was free and renewed, and
behold, he had turned whiter than any white Manu had ever seen, and his scales and wings were
accented with gold, and he was very big, as big as the sky itself, his wings were outstretched
reaching from one corner of heaven to the other, his eyes beamed gold brilliance. At long last,
Manu came face to face with the Great White Dragon!

Chapter VIII. Great guardian of the threshold.

There was thundering and lightening all about the sky, though there was not any clouds
at this high elevation. Then suddenly there arose four pillars of cloud around the summit,
encircling the dragon and Manu. At the top of these clouds stood mightily four great creatures in
radiance of vivid colors of splendor. One looked like a man with wings of many dazzling colors,
the cloud opposite of him there was a majestic lion, fierce, yet tame in countenance.
Standing upon the other two clouds there was a bull, with broad and shimmering silver,
horns atop his head. Opposite the bull was a most magnificent eagle with feathers that also
shimmered in the sunlight.

Together these creatures sung with the most beautiful of choruses to ever be heard the
following -
"Worthy is the ONE, who was before the world begun' who shall always be, always was, and
who always IS!"

Manu as he listened to their praises, was filled with a holy euphoria unlike any he had felt
before. He was about to weep tears of joy at the mere sight and presence of the dragon and the
four creatures. Then the Dragon spoke with a thunderous voice that shook the whole mountain
to its very core, and the sky above rippled as if it were waves upon the sea, and behold! The stars
themselves were dancing, just as Manu had seen in his dream. The dragon said-

"Behold Manu, now you see me with the eye of truth, for my color is black to the blind- all
those who are unworthy to see or know me in truth. Now we are gathered here on this great
mount in order that I may teach you the final lesson of being, that great mystery which few have
ever known, and that which all the world strives to know from birth until death. It is that great
and undeniable truth which all the teachings of the world have so long sought to perfect as their
own, and have failed miserably, and with such failures have brought forth great sorrow upon all

You may think it is a mere coincidence that all these things have come to pass, but this is
not the case at all. For it is destiny that guides those who seek it, and for those that endure till the
end, just as you have, surely they shall inherit life eternal, for such is the reward for hard work,
that most noble of virtues which is LABOR itself. Not labor done in vain or over petty things, but
labor done in the name of the GREAT WORK.

That great work can be said to be symbolized by the transmutation of a rough stone from
its base and uncultivated nature, into a perfect ashler. The cubical stone with four points rising
together to form the shape of a triangular or pyramid shape with three sides on each face. These
four points or corners represent the four base elements that a man is composed of, represented by
the cube, which represents the earth. The three sides of the face rising out of the cube represent
the three higher principles of a man, they are the MIND,(Manas) the SOUL,(Buddhi) and the
spirit,(ATMAN) that in turn rule a man's THINKING, FEELING, and WILLING, respectively.

And these three principles are the trinity of the divine spark that makes up the true SELF, that
will be raised to new life after the death of the body, because these three are eternal, having
existed always in the great bosom of the ABSOLUTE DEITY. Thus it is said when addressing in
prayer- "Unto our father who art in heaven, who is THREE in aspect, ONE in essence..." This
Divine spark having emanated from that ONE source, is temporarily incarnated into the forms
of the mineral, plant, animal, man, and deva(god). It is of course the HIGHER SELF, the only
one who can make intercession between man with the ABSOLUTE. It is the only personal god
whom is to be addressed and given any kind of reverence to. For the ABSOLUTE is not a
personal god, but is an impersonal Deity whom has begotten the manifested WORD, and that
word is the manifested logos of the objectionable world."

The Dragon continued, and at this point Manu noticed that a brilliant crown of white-gold
was on the dragon's head. He also noticed that in the center of the crown was an empty slot
where it appeared as if something had, or would be placed inside it. The dragon said-
" The great work is not complete until we arrive at the " great day be with us" and until
then in the world of time and space, man is to live, grow, die, and be reborn again. When a man
has reached the highest enlightenment he can obtain, he is said to be no longer of this world, and
he 'dies', only to be reborn as a son of the true self. He may indeed continue to live in the
material world for a time, but he is dead to the world of the senses, he now operates with higher
senses and faculties which allow him to experience nirvanic bliss, even while still incarnated in a
physical body. He is then said to be a true adept, having achieved the highest of personal
equilibrium of RIGHT thought, feeling, and action(will) in himself, he thus comes to posses the
"word" and with that word he may do many great things. For he is no longer ruled by the
passions or desires of his lower-self, having chosen to be indifferent to pleasure and pain, and
having assumed complete mastery of his own will, and that will itself is directed and en-rapport
with his higher self, who is his father who is now one with him.
Of the men who have possessed the word, they use it only ever so wisely and with care,
because if the word were given unto the profane, only a select few would ever discover its proper
use and meaning, that is why the secret of the word is to never be revealed to them, for it is a
devastating tool put to use by unworthy and un-mastered hands."

Then Manu asked the dragon what was the meaning of the mantra he had used meant,
and the dragon answered saying-

" The mantra which you spoke during the climb of this mountain, and which destroyed all
obstacles in your path, is the sacred mantra -AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA- which means , " I Bow
to the supreme SELF " which is of course, your highest self, and in so doing you are also calling
upon the name of the great destroyer of the ego, or that which is the NOT SELF, which stands in
the way of growth. This force clears the path, by destroying all base things, and transmuting
them into pure and holy things. That is why you witnessed all those beings fall dead before you, is
because they were unfit candidates and evil mechanizations of the great illusion."
Then Manu asked just what the great illusion was, and the dragon answered-

"The great illusion is the mountain itself, the mountain of the world, which is Maya. By
climbing this mountain, which also represents the raising of the serpent-power, or kundalini, you
have reached the summit of the great illusion, and are about to enter the one true reality. For
those who possess the true vision, they will see that reality in brilliant color, and they shall never
be lost in the great illusion again. For having seen the truth, they shall know it, and it will resonate
in their hearts."

Then Manu asked when this great thing would occur, and the dragon answered-
"For you, this time is at hand, but there still yet remains one more thing you must see."
The dragon asked Manu -
"Reach into thy red velvet bag once more, and pull out the stone."
Manu did this, and behold! A most astonishing sight had occurred. The stone was no
longer rough, but had a cubic base, and out of it rose a pyramid reaching ever upwards toward
heaven. And on the stone was now inscribed in vivid and glorious color the words-


And behold another thing had occurred to the stone, all the previous inscriptions were
gone, and Divine Reason alone was all that was written. The stone had turned to the finest and
most brilliant of emerald, which ascended to the head of the dragon, and took place in the
empty slot in the crown There was thundering and lightening again, then the dragon asked the four creatures to tell
Manu who he really was, and they answered saying-
"For thou art the author and finisher of the great work, of liberty, and are the crowned
serpent of wisdom! Glory, honor, and power unto thee, everlasting ONE, who always was, is, and
shall be."

Then the dragon declared the following statements about himself-
"Behold! I AM that divine ideation that was in the beginning WITH The absolute, and
WAS the absolute. For I made flight over the waters of chaos, and gave birth to form, force ,and
order, which results in harmony. I AM the one who made the lightening flash from heaven to
earth, the former my home and father, the latter my mother and bride. My fiery breath is that
which formed the worlds, and gives life to ALL creatures. I AM the one who watched over your
birth, and am the one whom holds the keys to life and death, Behold! I AM TRUTH AND THE
WAY OF ETERNAL LIFE, I AM the keeper and steward of the garden at the beginning and
end of the world, the great guardian of the threshold!"
Then the dragon asked Manu -

He thundered, and Manu at this point came to the shocking epiphany of who the dragon
truly was, and declared-
"Behold! You ARE my TRUE SELF, the only begotten word, forever my greatest and only
Then the dragon said -
"At long last, you and me are ONE. Now get up my beloved, there is but one last thing I
will show you."
And he got up, the dragon then facing the four rising suns on the eastern horizon said to
"A great mystery is concealed in the symbolism of the four suns that you see, but for you, it
shall be made known- the four suns represent the four great ages of the race of men, as well as
the stages of the lives of men themselves. The former being divided into certain measurements
of cyclical time, being made up of vast amounts of mortal years. They get shorter and shorter as
each new one dawns, the final or fourth age being the shortest, and is known as the kali-yuga,
which is the final age of men in a cycle. The age when materialistic things take a precedence over
what is true and holy. At the end of this age, truth shall come once more unto the hearts of men,
in order that the righteous and holy shall be saved from the cycle of incarnation, and thus be set
free from the great illusion.

In regards to the actual stages of man's life, the four suns represent quite simply; birth ,
youth, maturity, and old age, and death follows after. But for those who have been initiated, they
shall not be subject unto physical death, instead they shall die a philosophical death, and likewise
be philosophically reborn". Then Manu asked what was the significance of the four creatures,
and the dragon responded-" The four creatures which stand upon the four corners of heaven are
the four maharajahs who record and bare witness to every thought, feeling and action a man has
experienced, and at the end of a man's life they are the ones who shall determine if he lived well
and true in his heart and is ready to enter the land Devachan." Then he continued-"Of man in
relation to the art of alchemy, it is said that he himself IS the philosophical stone, and is seen as
entering the world as a rough stone.

It is by the process of initiation and illumination that a man may accelerate his growth, and
can thus be turned into the purest gold, and perfected ashler. Once a man has reached the
highest state of perfection, and all karmic debt has been accounted for, when he dies he is given a
choice to embark upon the last journey of the two-fold path. He may choose to reincarnate in
order to serve humanity as a guide and assist in the evolution of his brothers who are still
ensnared by the illusion of maya, and assist them in completing the great work, thus freeing
them. Or a man may choose to enter the realm of Devachan immediately, and experience the
sum total of his karmic debt only after the "Great day be with us", when after the universal
pralaya has finished, he and the rest of the cycle begin in the next manvantara. However, he will
experience all his most desired wishes and dreams he had in his incarnations in the nirvanic bliss
that awaits him in Devachan."
Then the dragon asked Manu-

"The time has come for you to choose, will you choose to enter Devachan which lies to the
east in the land of the rising sun, or will you willingly offer up yourself as a sacrifice for the
greater good, re-incarnate and serve thy fellow man as a beacon of truth?" And Manu thought
about it for a while, then said the dragon-
"Either choice you make, you can do no wrong, but remember this, if you choose the path
of service, you will have to make one last, long journey across the great ocean, reaching that
other shore that leads to Devachan."
And Manu made up his mind. The dragon knew just what path he had chosen, and said
unto Manu-

"Thus this day I have perfected you through virtue, and have delivered thee out of the
realm of the Demiurge, and have united thee with me forever, thus salvation is yours."
Then he said -
"AUM-MANI-PADME-HUM, behold! The Jewel in the lotus. Now in order that the great
journey be made to the land Devachan, there is one last thing you must do, and that is you must
leap down and fall into the world again, the world below."
And Manu looked out upon the vast horizon, facing east, then he looked down below him
and noticed that all below him were a thick blanket of clouds, and the summit itself had ceased
to be. Manu stood upon a small platform made of rock, below him a great abyss was all that was
underneath him. The dragon then said -

"According to the law of falling bodies, a man may fall at a rate of 32 feet per second, and
twice that the next, and so on. Behold SON OF MIND, HARKEN UNTO MY WISDOM! For
thou knowest in thy heart the mystery to this action which you are about to make."
And Manu replied-"For the great mystery is that spirit descends into matter, in order that it
may redeem itself, and be raised again to everlasting life and light."
The dragon then said-

"Thus this is how I accomplish thy salvation."
There was one last great thunder and in a burst of light the dragon disappeared, and the
light from him flowed into Manu, and took residence upon his head in the form of a thousand petaled lotus, white in color. Then Manu heard the voice of the dragon within him now, that
same still small voice he recognized, and it said -
"Thus you have chosen, because ONLY YOU WOULD SURVIVE THE FALL."

- The fall! Manu reached forth from the platform and dove into the abyss below...

Chapter IX. ...United as one, we will conquer.

Manu fell at such great velocity that everything became as if it were a blur passing by in
the blink of an eye. He fell into and past the clouds, and as he was falling he asked himself-
"How am I to fly in free fall?"
And the voice answered him saying-

" On the wings of a Phoenix."

And just as Manu was about to crash to earth, he was suddenly caught up mid fall , and he
began to rise, and was carried by a great wind which blew him across the land. As he was now
flying, he saw with his new vision the world below was filled with brilliant color, unlike any which
he had seen before. He flew increasingly faster till he was traveling as fast as the speed of sound.
He watched as he approached the soft rolling hills of green hues of splendid glory.
Then Manu came across the ocean. An ocean of tears... in the direction of the rising sunfor
there was only one sun now. He flew for what seemed like forever till he arrived at the shores
of Devachan. As he flew further into the blessed land, he saw a great white stone wall, and upon
the wall was written the following-

"Enter the blessed land of Devachan, where no profane thing shall ever enter through its
gates, and is the land of those who have been redeemed by the Great White Dragon of truth."
Then Manu saw the number eleven, in pairs of three written under the guise of mysterious
hieroglyphs upon the wall.
He flew passed the wall...

Chapter X. Return to the garden at the beginning
of the world -Devachan

Once Manu flew over the wall he saw green meadows below him, dotted with evergreen
trees, and upon the land were rivers of blue crystalline waters. Manu was slowing down in speed
and came across a great field of green, and soft grass, and in this field he saw groups of human
beings gathered together. Upon closer inspection Manu recognized their faces, for these were the
men and women and knew instantly who they were, they were all people whom he had known in

Manu finally came to a soft landing in the middle of the field, and was warmly greeted by
all these loved ones. He was in a state of bliss unlike any other, for here he had even saw those
whom had died in his many lives, and he was reunited with them in great reunion. They all
exchanged one loving embrace after another to Manu, and they each said to him -
" Welcome home" "You're finally here, we've been waiting for you" and "This is your place
of rest and rejuvenation, there is no need to make haste, take as long as you wish, and soak in
every ounce of wonder that you behold here."

Everyone one was in a state of bliss, for there was no room for pain or sorrow anymore,
there was only rejoicing and admiration for the truth they had all come to know.
Manu spent thousands of aeons here, for the day never ended and the land was illuminated
by eternal daylight.

Manu then took rest under a giant evergreen tree that towered high into the sky, and laid
down in its shade. A long time seemed to of elapsed as he was resting there under the tree, when
suddenly the tree itself began to sprout flowers that were of exquisite beauty and color, and out
of them sprouted fruit that had the appearance as though it were a great grape. Manu watched
as the fruit grew, then when it was ripe, it fell down beside him, like gentle rain. Manu was so
pleased with the sight of the fruit, he decided to eat it. As he did this he noticed a great host of
the inhabitants of this blessed land coming to gather round the tree and eat its fruit which was abundant and fed everyone. When everyone had finished eating their fruit, Manu was the last
one to take the final bite, and as he finished, the sound of a great gong had began to sound off at
its striking and was heard throughout all the land...

Chapter XI. Great day be with us.

As the gong sounded out, Manu counted the times it was struck, and it rang out seven
times. With each ring the sky had began to whiten, then the sun disappeared. There was great
strife in the lands outside of Devachan, but the strife never came into Devachan itself, for all who
were behind its Great Wall of white stone were protected, and nothing could disturb them. Then
everyone gathered around and said in glorious fashion the following-
"The time has now come for us to ascend, blessed are those who know truth, but woe unto
all those outside the wall, for they shall suffer greatly for their lack of life-saving wisdom that has
been imparted into us, the redeemed."

Manu knew just what was going on- the Great day be with us had arrived, the fullness of
cyclical time was coming to a close, and he knew that he was to ascend into the great reality at
long last.
At the strike of the seventh sounding of the gong, everyone's bodies were transformed into
spheres of light, and they ascended upwards into the starless sky. Up and up they went, Manu
himself was leading the host of luminescent bodies until they came to a great black void in the
sky, and in the this void there was a brilliant ring of light within the darkness. The ring had these
words written around it that said -"Pass not" prior to this day, this is the message that would have
been seen, but on the great day be with us, these words faded out of sight. The ring of light itself
was in the image of an ouroboros, with the mouth of the serpent swallowing its tail, and in
between the mouth was the symbol of the svastika , representing the eternal cycle. Within the ring itself was a symbol that represented eternal life, in the shape of a Tau cross with a circle on
top. The ouroboros itself representing eternal regeneration.

All the spheres of light passed through the ring, and Manu was the last one to enter, but
before he did, he heard the voice within him again say the following-

"And here it is now, one
point, one moment left in time before the closure ...We know who we are...we are destiny. Go."

Manu entered the ring to be absorbed into the everlasting absolute reality , and finally the
dragon said to him -

"Escape has made us gods."

And thus the great work was consummated, at long last, they were free and immortal for all
eternity and beyond.


What became of Manu after he passed into the ring of light is up to anyone's
imagination. What we do know or all that we can know is that he escaped the great illusion,
Maya, and was a perfected human being, nay, even a god at this point.
He escapes into the waves...the waves.


Thus destiny was born on the eight day.
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