My new decision (AGAIN)

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My new decision (AGAIN)

Post Jan 6th '18, 19:31

Now I think.. Maybe I should support my country instead? Europe is in bad shape and needs help from someone competent. I know that if something is wrong it's wrong and that not everyone is a gamer. I think I need to work on something for my country to learn it. I can do slideshows but not program games. I haven't even started making even 2% of Uno Prospero.

Maybe my call isn't gaming. Maybe it's to support the old and the free.

I do believe I've gotten mental problems.
This is the words I've said on the Hive Workshop. And it might be the most intelligent thing I've said by far. It's true. I barely worked on anything.

Tell me, is it wise to make Swedish slideshows instead of games? Because inside of me I do believe I need to support my homeland first. And I might be right?

Post Jan 6th '18, 20:46

Notwithstanding my initial ribbing, I think you shouldn't have to worry about whether a specific activity is your "calling" per se, or whether it's something that you have to monomaniacally throw yourself into or cut off entirely. You can work on these things if and when you want to and it doesn't make you bad or permanently unfit for the task. I don't know what works for you or if you schedule your time, but I've found that coordinating different activities in pre-planned time units (say, 30 or 60 minutes) helps me ensure that I'm focused, organized, and fulfilled in multiple areas that I may otherwise feel overwhelmed or unsure about. Obviously daily life doesn't always allow for that, but it's a good guideline.

We probably can't authoritatively offer much help or guidance if you're having personal struggles, so I do encourage you not to be afraid to contact a qualified professional for help. Just know that Marathon isn't and shouldn't be anyone's destiny. Think about what happened to me with Mararthon: Yuge becoming my destiny for the next two years at least. You don't want that to happen to you.
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Post Jan 7th '18, 03:06

Adminn_1 wrote:Think about what happened to me with Mararthon: Yuge becoming my destiny for the next two years at least.

Sometimes we are in control of our lives and other times we give over control to something greater than ourselves.
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Post Jan 7th '18, 08:25

What? I have time? How long is the 3DS going to be worked on? I mean it always feels like I'm wasting time on things that I couldn't possibly do on my own. Is it even gonna be worth it? I don't know I don't even know what a common adult Human knows.

Post Jan 7th '18, 08:31

Hang in there buddy. Whenever you're feeling down, remember what a wise man once said:

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Post Jan 9th '18, 09:57

Anyway, I've gotten yet ANOTHER decision. I am gonna tear apart my old stationary PC and build a new computer with it's own operation system. It will off course not be advanced and won't function like MacOS or Windows I know that but it will be functional anyway. But can someone tell me where to begin? Should I even take apart the computer?

Post Jan 12th '18, 02:01

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Post Jan 12th '18, 06:41

RadBurn wrote:

Problems, problems, problems.

It's everywhere around me really.

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