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Raycaster Chattering

Post Jan 31st '18, 11:52

Oh look. I'm back on this forum.

I am still thinking about raycasters and still don't know how to make one to this day. But I can still post something and get the influence from other people to work on it again. And also. Haven't people bothered doing more HD sprites? I just did a little video showcasing a low-poly weapon just recently that was mean't for a thing or so.

It was a 2160 pixels big rifle I did in Blender. (A quickly made one) Shooting effect was made from myPaint by the way. https://orig00.deviantart.net/394c/f/2018/031/1/c/gerg_scatterer_test_by_ex475-dc1pywf.mp4

Amen. [spnkr]

When that stupid idea's out of the way, I still want to make raycaster games in Xcode but I have it hard to begin with it. Any tip?

Should I try SFML again? Because if yes then I need a detailed walkthrough of getting it done.
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Post Feb 8th '18, 10:51

In my own experience writing a raycaster, SDL is a better fit. You will be fighting the conveniences of SFML all the way. In the end I ended up using rays to determine what to render and using OpenGL planes for the actual rendering. But yeah, the lower level of SDL over SFML will suit you better is my experience.

Post Feb 25th '18, 10:22

I have another question nearly the same as the SFML one. Is it possible to make a raycaster from Xcode's already present libraries? It's possible to make a raycaster from spriteKit right?
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Post Feb 25th '18, 20:13

What sort of programming experience, if any, do you have? I don't think you really want to be making your own engine, just use something like Unity.
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