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Post Jun 30th '06, 22:17

Heres the deal, weve got a dvd from australia, and a dvd from walmart. When we insert the american one, it works easily. But when we insert the aussie one it demands we reset this "drive region". And it says we can only switch it 4 times...

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Post Jun 30th '06, 23:10

yea, dvds suck so they have regeons, you can only use certain ones in certain things, sucks right? cant wait for the next gen consoles
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Post Jul 2nd '06, 06:13

Get a DVD player for your US DVDs and use the Aussie one for Australian DVDs...
Or just get a PS3 when it comes out...
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Post Jul 2nd '06, 09:06

Found this don't know if it helps any.

If anything, at least it has this funny quote in it.
There is NO ?law? that forbids the unlocking of your DVD.

So basically, its probably going to take some flashing.
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Post Jul 2nd '06, 09:23

Zott, what game is your avatar from?
It looks familiar.

EDIT: Is it OOT?
The dialogue looks like that in the N64 LoZ games.
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