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Post Dec 21st '10, 09:06

Recorded under popular demand, the readme to the Cheats.lua 2.2 Demo, by Zaero, applauded by the literary genius of Dis, W'rkncacnter, thermoplyae and Treellama. Actually recommended by Dis and W'rkncacnter to be uploaded to the Pfhorums. One was only happy to oblige, having read it:

Cheats.lua 2.2 Demo

This is the demo of Cheats.lua script, version 2.2.
The full version will NEVER be released. The reason why is listed below.

The full version will (beside 2.0 features) include:
-4th teleportation type: teleport to any level (you'll not loose any items you currently have!)
-cheat to give yourself any number of Uplink/Repair chips
-cheat to kill all the enemies of a certain class (fighter for ex.) or all enemies on the map. This will also allow you to kill allies and there'll be also a preset "class" which will allow you to finish "rescue" type missions easily.
-noclip cheat
-ability to choose how much ammo an ammo/weapon cheat gives you
-ability to set the oxygene/life to any value
-Easter Egg "Wírkncacnter mode"

Those are the features available in demo:
-4th teleportation type (will allow you to teleport to the first level only)
-chip-cheat: confirmation massages only - to let you know it works - no chips will be added in fact
-kill cheat: will kill the player


Q: How to install?

A: The same way any other cheats.lua is installed. Still don't know? Google the answer or something..

Q: Why the full version will not be released?

A: Because I will not include those features apart from Treellama and Megabyte code parts. I use all the features they bring and I won't waste my time to create a separate version to entertain the ungrateful community, which is able to enjoy somebody's hard work but unable to write review and say "Thanks 4 your time dude!", "That is what I was looking for" or ever "This script is useless for me but you took your time". You take it for free so I want just a little bit of respect in return.

Q: Why are you so mean?

A: The main reason, apart for what I wrote above is the ONLY review I got, let me quote:

"You are an unabashed plagiarist
Dis on Nov 3rd 2010, Version 2.0

Treellama, at least, is a very active member of the community. I fail to see how you would have been unable to contact him, if not through email, then through pm on the Pfhorums. Megabyte I have not seen around lately, but I'm sure it would have been quite easy to obtain his up-to-date contact information. If anything, you're just lazy. I wasn't even going to try this anyway, because I'm sure it sucks, but you could have at least tried for more than five minutes to get the permission of people you have now stolen from."

My answer:
First, I DO have a LIFE Dis! Maybe it's hard to understand for such a guy as you - an active member of the community who didn't EVER upload a single file to Simplici7y, but that's the way it is. Yes, I'm not an active member of a community cuz I don't have the time to do so. Maybe when you'll be older or finally got a job you will understand that.

I tried to get in touch with Treellama, was looking for a way to contact him by his blog, but was unsuccessful. Maybe I missed the info which was available pretty easy, but as I said above I have my real life to deal with, and trust me - it takes time.

As for me being "lazy, unabashed plagiarist". All smart beings on this planet are "lazy" which is wise from both economical and scientific sides of view. Without the "lazyness" world would not have all the cool inventions today. Cars, planes, microwave ovens, even cheat scripts for some source ports - all they are build becouse someone's lazy. But to create them takes time and effort - if so, am I lazy? Or not?

"Plagiarist" is a word meaning someone's took some others work and claim it his own. Tell me one case where I do claim Treellama or Megabyte's work as my own? Maybe by giving them a credit for they hard and excellent work in the begining of file description?? Or even better - tell me about a single case when I do credit myself for the hours and days of work to make the script complete?

You say you was't going to even try the file, because you're sure it sucks - but you DO write "review" about the file. Without ever trying it out? And you even judge it's quality without it. You must be aware how stupid it is, cause it's obvious for anyone having a brain (you DO have it - right?). BTW - the script includes the other author's scripts for compability reasons (as far as I know there can be only one solo script loaded at once), not for "me being famous" - if you think otherwise then why I didn't credited myself? Cuz I don't care about it, I just wanted to contribute something useful to the community. Thankless community.. And if the whole script sucks, then the code fragments included also sucks - get in touch with Treellama and Megabyte to let them know!

In your eyes I'm just and "lazy, unabashed plagiarist" - you're "lazy, thankless, non-productive, barking dog, who barks first, thinks second" in mine. But thanks for opening my eyes. Now I know what this community is really like.

Q. Do you think I really care about you not releasing it?

A. No, I don't. First I thought A1 has some great, dedicated and active community so even I (being a PC, not Mac gamer) should contribute what I can to make it better. I was wrong and now I also don't care.

DID you know?
"Dis" was a name for hell's capitol in Dante's Hell. To pass it's gate was almost as unpleasant, as uploading a file for the ungrateful community!

Recorded for posterity and general interest.
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Post Dec 21st '10, 18:40

Perfect example of a douchebag ruining things for everyone else.
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Post Dec 21st '10, 18:52

TectonInd wrote:Perfect example of a douchebag ruining things for everyone else.

I'm confused. Who is the douchebag?
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Post Dec 21st '10, 23:50

Just out of curiosity, what would one see when they no-cliped out on the level?
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Post Dec 22nd '10, 00:20

Treellama wrote:I'm confused. Who is the douchebag?

No idea
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Post Dec 22nd '10, 01:51

Zott wrote:Just out of curiosity, what would one see when they no-cliped out on the level?

chuck norris.

or what one sees when noclipping in doom
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Post Dec 22nd '10, 02:08

Zott wrote:Just out of curiosity, what would one see when they no-cliped out on the level?

I encountered this while I was testing out a script I was working on, and it's just a void of darkness. I can't remember if I could see the entire level or not from there.
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