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Post Jul 15th '06, 04:05

Ok before i dive back into SM I just want to see if you guys would play it or not. cause.... i am the only one working on it, i would rather (if on my own) do just regular stuff and not a giant project. But if you guys really want to play this I will gladly do it, im just going to need some help. cause.... i am no pro at this.

Post Jul 15th '06, 08:40

I'd play it. If combines Spaceships, Marathon, Starship Troopers and other goodies, I'll give it a go. [MUp] I thought that one StarShip troopers map for Aleph One was good. So your project, being more ambicious than a single map will no doubt be good.

Plus there arn't enough mods in production for Marathon anymore. [MFrown] At least progressing mods. [MOh]

Try your best, Don't strain yourself over it. Nor let it interfeare with the wonders your daily life. [MLaugh]

So um, Yes I would play it. And also Frag in Multiplayer if it is supported with the modification.

{At this point Zott thinks back to every major mod released, Rubicon, Evil, Temperus Imperium, Carlos on the Run, Marathon Infinity, Marathon 1, Prime Target, ZPC, and realizes he has not fully completed any of those. However he notes that the key word is *play* and maybe also "enjoy" and not *complete* [MTongue] * Thouhh I did complete Marathon Durendal. [MGrin] }

I'll try to help in the advice and encouragement department if you need any help. :)
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Post Jul 15th '06, 10:38

Sure thing, I would love to play more mods out there!

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Post Jul 15th '06, 16:33

Id love to see it
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Post Jul 15th '06, 18:24

yah! more mods! wooh!
I didnt get to try the demo map thing, is it still out there? (fileball?)
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Post Jul 16th '06, 04:30

Well it looks like I will continue progress :D (of course if your not doing anything for anyone else your help would be greatly appriciated). I will start working as soon as i get a break from my actuall job.

Shongshong, i believe the demo map thing you are refering to is for DF, as I have not put out anything for SM at all except some pics of monsters.

If you want to check out the DF demo/bundle go here.

Post Jul 16th '06, 20:14

Theres a half life mod.

Yeah I'll play it if I'm not too busy [MGrin] .
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Post Jul 16th '06, 23:12

I'm always happy to try something new. [MUp]
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Post Jul 17th '06, 00:10

I remember I did play a small SST demo-like thing with a fortress containing plenty of bobs, and an assault rifle with ridiculus amounts of ammunition per clip. Eventually, every time, the Flick'ta would overwhelm the fortess and the player would usually get holed up in a building, and slowly running out of ammuniton.

It was like the scene from the movie, except with marathon shapes.

I would gladly play a SST mod, and would be able to help in small parts for menial tasks, such as finding suitable images for shapes files, and making a few sound effects.
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Post Jul 17th '06, 03:10

it is interesting ot hear of this demo, cause i didnt make it. ill have to check it out. i would gladdly appreciate ur help. thansk

Post Jul 17th '06, 09:03


That's what I was referring to in my original post. [MUp]
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