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Post Jul 8th '11, 04:08

Ive heard that bungies new game will be called destiny.
Intresting since youve beeen named destiny by the durandel/thoth ai


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Post Jul 8th '11, 06:50

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Post Nov 29th '12, 06:47

Looks like Craig Mullins is back! Check out these jaw-droppers.
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Ares Ex Machina

Post Dec 25th '12, 20:54

Ares Ex Machina wrote:Looks like Craig Mullins is back! Check out these jaw-droppers.

Mullins is f*cking awesome!!!! Wow!
lal i say
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Costa Rica

Post Dec 29th '12, 20:02

I'm so excited to see more of this game! It looks awesome.
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Post Feb 19th '13, 14:03

I am stubbornly clinging to the belief that the Traveler is some kind of Jjaro tech, because why not.

Anyway can the damn game be released yet? So many intriguing scenes (and gorgeous scenery)! ... on second thought, it had better wait till I have regular access to my XBox.
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Post Feb 20th '13, 06:35

Most interesting. The video gives us a sense of style, but not substance. As such the game is still malleable in our minds. It can be the next Halo, or Marathon, or Pathways into Darkness if you're so inclined. But in any case, and this could mostly be Marty O'Donnell's music talking, it feels characteristically "Bungie."
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Crater Creator

Post Feb 28th '13, 19:21

I hate to say this, but it's primarily for consoles, with no PC version announced, and I was planning on dropping consoles for good too...
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Nopelaw Jones

Post Mar 6th '13, 09:07

Really excited to see what comes out of this. I hope Destiny clings to storytelling and depth like Marathon did. Halo was cool as a game to shoot things but I always found it to be very predicable and blockbusterish. Never really got into it as much though.

Also it's always sweet to see Bungie reference their older titles. It means that they haven't forgotten about them. :D
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