Craig Hardgrove finished his Marathon Remakes

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Post Oct 10th '11, 05:20

I didn't see this posted anywhere, so if it has been, I'm sorry. (not really)

I'd just like to point out that Craig Hardgrove, has a new site and has completed his remakes of the Marathon Soundtrack. I personally love his style, and I'm happy to hear these new songs after a few years of an incomplete soundtrack.

You can get the songs/see more info here.
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Post Oct 11th '11, 12:35

Wonderful. These remakes mimic the mood of the originals. Great work!
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Post Oct 25th '11, 05:00

Many of these are familiar if you've played through Eternal, but nonetheless, it's still very well produced and adds something interesting to some otherwise dated pieces. Definitely some rose-tinted glasses going on here, but they really do capture the gravity and sadness the games convey, as well as the nostalgia I feel when looking back on the Trilogy. It's worth a listen.
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Post Nov 6th '11, 17:16

These are great. I second Lh'owon's post.

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