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Post Aug 30th '07, 08:25

If you take the link to HiRes Landscapes, you'll see it doesn't work, in other words, a broken link. Does anyone know where I could get the HiResLandscapes? Possibly provide a link?
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Virginia Beach, VA

Post Aug 30th '07, 15:51

That's posted somewhere on the pfhorums I believe, but it's broken because Fileball is down. I don't know where exactly it's posted, but check around the pfhorums, you'll find it.
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Post Aug 30th '07, 20:37

If it ts on the pfhorums use the search function.
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Post Sep 29th '07, 18:03

Yea well the problem is I cant' find it using the search function either.
Jeric Hikari

Post Oct 13th '07, 06:43

I don't have file-hosting capabilities, but I have Landscape Enhancement Pack version 1.0 as a 4.7 MB Zip archive. If you send me an email address (using the Pfhorums' messaging subroutine) that can accept an attachment of that size, I can send it to you.
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Post Oct 15th '07, 22:26

That high-res landscape is a really nice upgrade.
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Ellicott City, MD

Post Oct 16th '07, 09:36

Longinus wrote:That high-res landscape is a really nice upgrade.

The M2 one is really nice but there isn't that much difference with the Infinity one.
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Lochgilphead, Scotland

Post Oct 26th '07, 07:55

I would also like to get my hands on these landscape upgrades. I couldn't find where they mention it on the Pfhorums either.

Post Oct 27th '07, 07:53

Excellent. Thanks for the link.

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