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Post Oct 23rd '07, 22:59

While the posting of NWS images has already been basically prohibited on most of the boards (by way of common courtesy), it's never an issue I had addressed in regards to the Pigeon Lounge, seeing as I've always stood by the notion that it has no rules. So I've never cared.

Well, now I do. Since someone thought it was hilarious to flood about 40 topics with Goatse, and I've since received several PMs with petitions to punish him, I'm now drawing the line: do not post NWS images directly on the Pfhorums. You can still link to them, but please indicate that it is NWS (or NSFW if that's how you roll).

Of course, this rule is not being enforced retroactively. Anyone to this point who has done so will not be warned for their actions.
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