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Post Oct 24th '07, 05:36

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RyokoTK wrote:I, personally, believed that that topic had:
a) shifted far outside the scope of the original post -- and, since this is not WebBBS, topics don't really "work" like that

Might I suggest an addendum to the posted rules about topicality? (Which incidentally say there are no rules on topicality, so this point [a] here is a little inconsistent with that). Perhaps a polite suggestion (posted in the rules) that if a thread is going far off-topic, the next poster should create a new thread on the new topic with posts in both the new and old topics linking to each other. (Assuming users here are generally smart enough to grok url tags). And if you in your adminly capacity feel that that should be done and it isn't happening, you can create the new topic and linking posts yourself. Might make people a little happier than locking the thread.
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Post Oct 24th '07, 13:19

I will admit that the topicality rules are a little nebulous. Usually I use a lack of topicality in addition to something else as a reason to lock a topic. For example: if a topic is still on-topic, and two users are flaming each other, I'll more often than not simply delete the offending posts and let the topic continue on as-is, because that topic is still (presumably) active and people still want to talk about the topic at hand. However, if the topic has already diverged to someplace totally different, and then a flamewar breaks out, it's generally my assumption that people are no longer interested in talking about the topic at hand and just want an excuse to call each other names. So I lock the topic. As is what happened with the Parallel Universes topics, people are certainly free to create new topics to address the on topic content of the previous topic.

If the existing topicality rule is edited to something like: "Going off-topic is acceptable as long as the level of civility is still maintained," would that be alright? I don't want to be a hard-ass here, but at the same time, I would hopefully like good discussion topics to remain good discussion topics, and not degenerate into flamewars and other assorted stupidity. Which is the primary reason behind locking topics in the first place.
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Post Oct 24th '07, 13:43

Leave on-topic or off-topic out of it, IMO. If things degrade below a modicum of civility, then get out the admin hammer. If two users start arguing about something really stupid that they could use PMs to resolve instead (I would never do that, of course!) delete their threads.

But trying to enforce topicality here is futile, if you ask me.
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Post Oct 24th '07, 17:25

I'll say this, there is something to be said about a "group" on the pfhorums, etc. that have been here a while and are kind of looked upon as being on a higher level. Now I don't think these people are naturally mean, but they're tired of the constant idiocy and "noobness" on the pfhorums, etc. They can be rude or mean, but usually aren't unless agitaded by idiocy, etc. Now I'm not saying that that's a good thing, but if the general dumbness and lack of maturity decreases, there may be less confrontations.

Post Oct 25th '07, 01:24

I personally like the way Ryoko is handling the Pfhorums. Seriously, some topics I don't even post in because I feel that it spirals into the depths of the 'insanely stupid.' The fact that it went off-topic can make topics just seem Uninteresting as opposed to topics that are on topic with just a little bit a sarcasm and pokey pokey fun. Also, if someone takes the fun in a serious and borderline 'could have been avoided' manner (you know what I mean), that also poisons the whole conversation going on before the stupidity of said ' Red flagger '. also, remember that some of the people that are being flamed were actually just trying to help or correct the flammer / and / or another person. Think about that.

And yes, I admit, i made a few mistakes myself, and thats why i created a blog. So I could post things of borderline stupidity without the PL or being off-topic.

Anyway, I admit what i said was a little much, and was also a little borderline stupid, but, spoke my mind of the topic at hand without being too much of an ass.
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