Member Prune, Round 5

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Post Feb 13th '08, 06:12

In the latest installment of the member prune, I've deleted 1118 users with 0 posts to their name, leaving a paltry (lol) 688 amid the rubble.

Our active member count seems to have declined to 95 users, however. An active member, in my book, is someone with at least 3 posts to their name and has visited at least once in the last month.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Feb 13th '08, 14:30

Glad I came back to the Pfhorums yesterday then, I was inactive for quite awhile.
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Virginia Beach, VA

Post Feb 15th '08, 03:22

Lol. There's already 25 more.

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Post Feb 15th '08, 21:30

Sniper David should be back. He's the man.
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Lochgilphead, Scotland

Post Apr 22nd '08, 01:55

Do I feel a round six?
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