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Post Apr 19th '08, 06:54

Why do the forums automatically log me out about once per week or so (per computer)? Ryoko (or Switch if you're still out there), can you make this not happen anymore?
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Post Apr 20th '08, 02:01

Once a week?!? Mine logs me out daily with "Remember Me" on and every time I go offsite without!

It is quite a problem.
I am not allowed to log in unless I am logged in. WTF.
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Post Apr 20th '08, 02:59

This has started happening to me as well, but only recently. I tried checking "remember me" off and on again, but the problem still remains. I don't seem to be logged out every time I close safari, but I am logged out often (daily). It's not the end of the world, but it does get annoying.
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Post Apr 20th '08, 03:32

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Post Apr 20th '08, 04:02

used to happen to me every once and awhile. Has stopped since I switched to Ubuntu.

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Post Apr 20th '08, 14:47

It happens to me too. In fact I just logged in.
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