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Post Apr 26th '08, 22:02

I looked on the pfhorums earlier today and all of the topic seem to have adopted some new format -


Is something wrong with my browser or something? I dont recall Appleswitch saying anything about upgrading the forum software.
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Melbourne, Victoria

Post Apr 26th '08, 22:05

There should be an options button at the top right, click it and choose "standard" display mode.
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Post Apr 26th '08, 22:07

Hm... you're right... I thought the answer would be in my controls.
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Melbourne, Victoria

Post Apr 27th '08, 13:32

People seem to keep running into this problem (You're the...fourth or fifth person to post about this now), I suppose I should add it to the FAQ.
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Post Apr 27th '08, 13:32

The pfhorums randomly does this to people. I don't know why.
Can't speel for hist.

Post Apr 27th '08, 14:17

No same thing happens here now. Werid...

EDIT: Fixed it.
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Hopefully not where you are!

Post Apr 30th '08, 15:08

It happened to me ages ago and still happens occasionly. I find it usually does this when you search for a topic

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