Marathon scrapbook is broken :(

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Marathon scrapbook is broken :(

Post Apr 3rd '13, 21:04

The images-included version of the Marathon Scrapbook is missing half the pages:
Click 'next' and you get the broken link.

There's a text transcription here but it's missing the pictures.
Anyone know who admins the original one?

Post Apr 3rd '13, 22:50

You can see the pictures in the PDF version.
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Post May 3rd '13, 13:04

Does anyone else actually own one of these?

Also new guy here, kinda. Signed up a few years ago to get the Midi's from a thread, but can't remember account information, or it was just deleted.

Post May 3rd '13, 19:16

I own one. It has some water damage however, (wrinkley pages) so that PDF is hard to beat for clarity.
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Post Nov 2nd '13, 15:30

Yay! Thanks guys :)

Post Jan 11th '15, 14:31

Here's a slightly gamma corrected version of the above scan:
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