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Post Jan 13th '10, 23:43

I'm getting a lot of spam from "iTunes alternative" bots, just fyi. I don't know if you admins know about this or not.
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Land of the New Rising Sun

Post Jan 14th '10, 02:07

RyokoTK wrote:They know.

Si tratta di una lacrimosa.
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Land of the New Rising Sun

Post Jan 15th '10, 00:07

It's so annoying. I get at least 4 every time I log in.
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Post Jan 15th '10, 02:55

It builds character.
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The Thug

Post Jan 15th '10, 07:11

They keep saying "Seasons Greetings"! [MFrown]
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Post Jan 15th '10, 11:09

We hates them spammises HATES THEM!
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Post Jan 18th '10, 03:45

I got this:
"VergeTemo" wrote:I have found you on video (URL deleted)
It is real you? )))
Andrew Nagy

Post Jan 18th '10, 04:26

In the future, please just report the spam to an admin instead of creating a topic about it.

On another note, the pfhorums can now send e-mails again (thanks, Appleswitch) so e-mail registration has been enabled. Members with less than one post also can't send PMs anymore, so you should rarely get PM spam anymore. There may still be a few spambots who I missed in various prunes because they had a few posts (such as VergeTemo), but they will be deleted as soon as they cause any sort of problem.
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