Can no longer sign up for Simplici7y?

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Can no longer sign up for Simplici7y?

Post Apr 22nd '18, 02:04

It seems as though reCAPTCHA v1 has been retired and considering that Simplici7y uses v1 during registration, it is no longer possible to register for the site. Is there a possible work-around to this?
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Post Apr 22nd '18, 02:15

You'll likely have to contact Switch, as I doubt he even knows there's a problem. This is his website, and it has his contact information You could PM him, but I don't know how often he reads this board.
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Post Apr 22nd '18, 06:31

I see on that webpage is a link to Simplici7y's github repository so if you know how to fix it yourself, you can make him a nice PR rather than asking him to code it for us.
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Post Apr 23rd '18, 12:15

No Ruby.
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