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Post Sep 26th '09, 00:27

Yeah, in an ideal world, I'd be right with you.
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Post Oct 31st '09, 11:07

Got a PM, updated information about jumping.
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Post Dec 9th '09, 00:20

can some body help me i cant play the game. the game starts and plays a cutscene. i press new game ore something like that and there is another cutscene and then the game quits itslef. im on a mac and im talking about the marathon pack thingey. and i just copey in the m1a1 file

does anyone know whats wrong

Post Dec 9th '09, 06:11

I had this problem, try dragging the entire folder onto the aleph one icon, after you copy the application to your desktop. If that doesn't work, download the older release that does not require the Graphics Shader 3 stuff. .22, is the abbreviated version number.
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Post Oct 7th '10, 02:24

I have a question
are there any packs that replace the textures of the enemies?

Post Oct 7th '10, 21:50

moonible wrote:are there any packs that replace the textures of the enemies?

As in with a shapes patch? I don't think I've come across any, but I'm sure it can be done. It wouldn't be a good idea to replace the bitmaps so much as add new bitmaps to the collection and change the sequences.

If someone were to make a plugin for a high-res Pfhor Fighter, it would replace whatever numbered bitmaps it was meant to replace, regardless of what you put there. If you add new bitmaps to the collection, the plugin will still replace the original bitmaps, but not the added ones.
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President People

Post Oct 8th '10, 06:15

I think I remember that Portal of Sigma redid the fighter bitmaps with a new staff and better armor textures, or I might be wrong.
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Post Sep 22nd '14, 21:53

So...yeah...haven't really been active at all on the forums for a while. Going to at least try to update this thread to current info before handing it off to someone who can keep it regularly updated more than me.

Just glancing over it I see dead links, outdated information about the enhanced textures, I should add Fobo's project to the list of conversions to try out, needs less sarcasm (maybe more).
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Post Sep 23rd '14, 15:24

Sarcasm in an FAQ is going to be offputting and possibly misleading to newcomers, so I'd advise youu to steer clear of having sarcasm in an FAQ for practicality's sake.
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Post Oct 8th '14, 07:24

One major outdated thing is the statement that M1 data is incompatible. Given the (somewhat) recently added support to M1 stuff, this is no longer the case. It should probably be reworked to recommend using 2/I as a basis for newer works than to say that it's flat out incompatible. Make clear to new users that M1 native data will work but is not necessarily supported outside of M1's original data itself and that any new mods or total conversions should be done with 2/I format data instead.
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Post Oct 18th '14, 21:54

Updated the high resolution texture links to actually go to Simplici7y and link to updated plugins.
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