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Post Apr 28th '11, 15:29

Does somebody want to bring me up to date?
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Post Apr 28th '11, 15:36

Looks like someone already did. How did you find out the site was down?
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Post Apr 28th '11, 15:39

W wrote:Looks like someone already did. How did you find out the site was down?

Some user named Akuul emailed me thinking it was a personal problem.

I actually saw it was offline a few days ago but It's the last week of class and I have a million things due, so I just assumed $lave was working on something and left him to do his thing. Two days later it was still down and I thought I should probably do something.
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Post Apr 28th '11, 17:23

I'd just sent $lave and irons a message about trackback spam in the blogs, so I thought something broke when they were trying to clean that out.

I notice the "Blogs" section is now gone from the header, although both the posts and spam are still there if you know where to look (Google and member profiles are two ways in).
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Post Apr 28th '11, 17:43

I sure hope it wasn't because one of the admins got sick of dealing with spam, took the site offline, and took away Steve's ability to fix it. Doesn't seem very likely though.
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Post Apr 28th '11, 18:56 was up the whole time so i don't see what the problem was
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Post Apr 28th '11, 19:45

An epileptic reaction to ray's avatar might have caused the downtime.
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Post Apr 28th '11, 22:45

I'm so happy it's back!
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Post Apr 30th '11, 16:31

Dis and Daddy Z3RO told me it was because of a really controversial post by red fox... but that seems unlikely too.

Post May 1st '11, 02:56

According to InfWaffle, the site was down and red fox rebuilt it on (singular pfhroum, not pfhorumS). I've heard so many different accounts- does anyone know what happened?

Post May 1st '11, 04:27

Several people know what happened.

In the future, you can always check JFO for useful information.


Alright, I guess I'll actually post what happened, because I have it so well documented, and I may want to refresh my memory later.

It starts with this log from #alephone:

[13:29:15] <thermoplyae> this is bordering on ridiculous
[13:29:49] <irons> you know what his avatar is
[13:29:59] <thermoplyae> no, i don't recognize it
[13:30:07] <irons> it's actually a tattoed vulva
[13:30:18] <irons> i haven't logged in that recently
[13:31:16] <thermoplyae> oh, i see
[13:31:29] <thermoplyae> what a charmer
[13:31:45] <irons> does steve even do anything on this forum anymore
[13:31:57] <thermoplyae> he must have approved this guy to post
[13:32:03] <irons> you know what
[13:32:05] <irons> fuck this
[13:32:25] <thermoplyae> WHY WON'T // STEVE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY
[13:33:49] <irons> i'm about to loch this shit so hard
[13:35:49] <irons> i pussied out but we'll see how long it takes steve
[13:36:00] <thermoplyae> haha
[13:36:07] <thermoplyae> it's a start
[13:36:16] <irons> i was seriously about to delete everything
[13:36:46] <thermoplyae> i'm not sure switch backs things up regularly
[13:36:53] <thermoplyae> you could potentially roll the pfhorums back to a golden age
[13:36:58] <irons> i could
[13:52:01] <Wrkncacnter> so this offline crap is thanks to you?
[13:52:28] <Wrkncacnter> what did you link to thermo?
[13:52:34] <Wrkncacnter> the hosting stuff?
[13:57:20] <irons> hosting stuff?
[13:57:42] <Wrkncacnter> red fox had a pretty ridiculous post, i'm just trying to guess which post triggered this
[13:57:45] <irons> oh
[13:57:58] <irons> i just got sick of cleaning up spam

People were talking about it on the metaserver, so I decided to fill them in about what happened by posting the above log, minus the part where I show up in the conversation. I decided to leave off that information, because I figured it would be funnier that way, and I wasn't wrong. Here is the response to seeing the log:

20:02:19 <DADDY Z3RO> I knew it was Steve
20:03:11 <DADDY Z3RO> He was always tempermental
20:03:43 <Red Fox> Wow
20:03:54 <Red Fox> my post stirred such giration as to take down the site!?
20:03:59 <DADDY Z3RO> lol
20:04:01 <Red Fox> we were joing about this last night
20:04:06 <Red Fox> But holy crap
20:04:11 <Red Fox> it's no joke!
20:04:41 <Red Fox> How could a post on ping and jitter cause such commotion?
20:05:02 <DADDY Z3RO> was it your post?
20:05:02 <Red Fox> And who told them my avatar was a vagina?

At this point, I stopped talking and let them think that Steve turned the pfhorums off because of Red Fox's post, because that's just funny. In reality, Steve had nothing to do with it, thermo was just mad because Steve approved Red Fox to post. You can also see that Red Fox's post really had nothing to do with why the site was taken offline.

At that point, the rumors on the metaserver started getting more and more absurd, which is probably why you've heard a lot of different things. The best version I heard was that the admins had been arguing for years and finally decided to shut down the site. When was created, they got mad and turned it back on. The real reason it got turned on was because someone finally decided to contact Switch. It had nothing at all to do with, since Switch would have been contacted either way.

So, why didn't Steve just turn the Pfhorums back on?

[13:56:22] <thermoplyae> 24 hours of pfhorums downtime
[13:56:54] <copiously> who can we blame for that?
[13:58:57] <thermoplyae> you can *thank* irons for it
[14:00:45] <Wrkncacnter> i think steve and switch get some of the credit for having no interest at all
[14:02:30] <thermoplyae> all it takes for irons to prevail in this world is for enough admins to do nothing
[14:17:00] <irons> well
[14:17:09] <irons> even if steve cared, he wouldn't be able to help
[14:17:59] <thermoplyae> yeah?
[14:18:17] <irons> IPB doesn't let me edit the permissions for an admin
[14:18:42] <irons> but it's not smart enough to prevent me from removing control panel access

So, there you have it, and thanks for participating in the Xtreme Pfhorums Tournament 2k11!
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Post May 1st '11, 04:40

Well, that's everything then. Thanks W'rkn, that was pretty damn entertaining to read.
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Post May 1st '11, 17:26

Aw man, you all had me convinced too (knee slap). Gee whiz, pop, you really got me.
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Post May 1st '11, 18:23

so where is red and all of his posts now? is it because of his picture?
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Post May 1st '11, 20:32

Treellama wrote:thermo for admin

i prefer whatever position i have behind the throne
dude, seriously. dude.
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Post May 2nd '11, 02:11

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Post May 4th '11, 05:09

This is why I love Irons.
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