Artwork and Music Guidelines

Show off all of your Marathon-related art and music here.

Post Nov 7th '06, 14:56

Just a brief note: this board is strictly for images and songs. Maps go to Mapping; projects go to Projects. You can use this board to show off images from your Shapes file, or just images you sketched; same goes for music.

Typical topicality rules are enforced.

Edit: This board is strictly for Marathon-related art/music. Anything else belongs in Chat.

Edit 2: Marathon videos (gameplay vids, montages, etc.) also count, but I ask that you do not post Aleph One Film files on this board. Too many issues with compatibility and what-have-you. Video montages are awesome, though, we need more good gameplay films.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Nov 7th '06, 18:12

I Don't like the idea of the fan art gallery being a topic but it will do for now I guess...

Post Nov 7th '06, 19:07

Damn, its Marathon-only art?
Oh well...
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Post Nov 9th '06, 19:36

You could post non-Marathon art in Chat or Pigeon Lounge. Also, does RyokoTK's definition of "Art" include Marathon-related vidoes and music?
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Post Nov 9th '06, 20:41

Seeing as the board is entitled "Artwork and Music," I'd assume that music was allowed. But yeah, videos count too.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Nov 26th '06, 18:04

Well, I guess i defied the rules then :D

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