Marathon in Brussels

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Post Dec 16th '11, 22:51

I have been using the Brussels metro for a few months with a feeling of déjà vu: bright colors, tiles, and useless geometrical spaces. I could not figure out what it was. Finally I found...

(Disclaimer: (1) Marathon sprites belong to Bungie. (2) This is NOT an incitation to make FPS in public spaces.)

And six others are here

I hope you liked it.


Post Dec 17th '11, 02:20

Cool! It reminds me of when my friend superimposed the rubicon hulk in various photos. Good job!
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Melbourne, Victoria

Post Dec 17th '11, 05:19

Heh heh heh. [MGrin]

Well done, and thanks for sharing.
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Crater Creator

Post Dec 18th '11, 00:13

Somewhere in Brussels, they are waiting... [MUp]
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Post Dec 18th '11, 10:09


Indeed, somewhere in Brussels, they are waiting. :D


Post Dec 18th '11, 18:21

This is awesome. I especially like how you've integrated reflections of the Marathon elements on shiny surfaces, e.g. the Enforcer on the subway door window, and the Lh'owon sky on the escalator walls.
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Post Dec 22nd '11, 14:09

Like it allot!
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