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Post Jan 21st '12, 00:58

Inspired by President People's recent effort, I converted the Marathon 2 Preview shapes file to a format readable by ShapeFusion. This is an automated conversion, which updated some M1 holdovers to the final M2 format.

Marathon 2 Preview shapes, converted

The Pfhor set, interestingly, is a nearly-complete remake of the M1 textures. The unfinished weapons in hand are also fun: the fusion pistol is an untextured 3D render, and the rocket launcher is wildly different.

This Shapes file won't work with the full game, as many monsters and scenery items are missing. It mostly works in Aleph One with the original Preview map, with the notable exception of terminals. For more info on the Preview, visit the Story page.
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Post Jan 21st '12, 03:48

So beautiful! :') Now it's time to work on a REAL plugin. [MUp]

Edit: You can now grab your Glorious FULL-COLOR M2 Preview Textures Plugin here on Simplic7y.
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President People

Post Jan 21st '12, 19:58

Nice work, Hopper! It's also interesting to see a bit more of the shotgun than we're used to. Notice some of the frames don't cut off as high up from the bottom -- good reference for anyone wanting to replicate the 3D model.
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Ares Ex Machina

Post Jan 24th '12, 06:32

Glad you liked 'em! Nice to see the update(s) on S7, thanks Prez for the work you've put in. You're right, if you hadn't done the screenshot method, I wouldn't have gotten interested in deciphering the originals.
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Post Jan 25th '12, 12:30

When I open it with Shapefusion, I get this:

Code: Select all
13:25:22: [ShapesDocument] File too small to be a Marathon shapes file
13:25:22: [ShapesDocument] There was an error while loading, see log

(this is the log...) The file is 5MB.

I don't drop by here often, so no need to fix this for me, but I thought I should mention.
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