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Post Mar 6th '12, 19:42

Hello all!

I recently was in a thread on bungie.net when the validity of a touchpad as a drawing implement came up.

After I finished, I remembered the good denizens here and decided to post the results. Enjoy.

Posted by: homocidalham

Posted by: spartain ken 15
Congrats everyone. :p

I wish I only had one of those art drawing tablets.

Pro Tip: A touchpad is NOT a good tool for paint.


The video was compressed, so here is the finished picture. I didn't spend much time on it, so it doesn't look all that good, but it shows that a touch pad can be used to render images (that aren't stick figures).

Seriously, I've drawn pictures with ketchup, pepper, and napkins in a restaurant while waiting for my food.
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Homocidal Ham
Behind you (mwahahaha)

Post Mar 6th '12, 23:39

Wow, I really like it! Great job!
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Post Mar 7th '12, 18:09

That picture is so awesome...
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Post Mar 16th '12, 03:26

Truly impressive.
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Post Mar 19th '12, 00:33

Great picture! I'd like if they had shadows though ._.
Overlord Brinkly

Post May 3rd '12, 21:08

Awesome drawing! I agree with Overlord Brinkly that shadows would make it better, though. Still, better than anything I've ever drawn.

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