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Post Oct 30th '07, 10:25

Can anybody upload The One's program on Simplici7y or here? It was really rather spiteful of him to complain that nobody was helping, and then make us unable to do so. I really do want to see what it looks like.

Oh, and by the way, this is something you might want to see, The One:[attachment=1065:Picture_54.png]

That's why nobody could find it.
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Post Oct 30th '07, 10:29

i agree, but wouldn't the easiest thing to do (before the lock down occurred)
to post a damn link to the actual DL page, instead of letting us search between 2721 hits...
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Post Oct 30th '07, 12:16

I agree, Its ridiculus that he would think that anyone would want to dig though all of those files, Heck try looking up Aleph one 3D and you get a ton of 3D FPS engins that mention A1!
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Hopefully not where you are!

Post Oct 30th '07, 14:33

Guys, Ryoko locked the original topic. This might just mean he doesn't want people to start yet another topic about it the day after.

Pfhortiphy, if someone decides to take something down, it's his prerogative that it stay down. Stop stirring shit.

Cryos: we tried posting a link, but some kind of filter changed it to a blank field. The guy used one hell of a set of regexps to make sure anything we tried (such as adding various characters in-between) would come up blank.
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Post Oct 30th '07, 14:37

What in the world convinced you that, when I close a topic, that really means that I don't want it closed, so you should go ahead and make a new one right away? You're just going to encourage more trolling and flaming.

Topic closed. Don't make another 3D Images topic.
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