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Post Apr 2nd '08, 04:19

How do I get photoshop to accept a CLUT so I dont get color screwage when I past into anvil?

Post Apr 2nd '08, 04:58

Are you going from CLUT to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop to CLUT into Anvil?

If you are going from CLUT to Anvil, it has to be done very specifically. The Battlecat website can supply you with the tools you need. Basically, the colors you want to use have to be banded specifically, which is tedious.

Usually, using the Interface CLUT gives you a fairly decent color when just pasting in pictures, since it gives the most color bands pre-setup.
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Post Apr 2nd '08, 14:00

Use Anvil to export a color table and load that into PS. Note that PS will add a color to the beginning of the table, so don't re-export the table back into Anvil or it will be screwed up.

Post Apr 3rd '08, 09:26

I meant from Anvil to PS, so I can make stuff in PS and copy/paste it into Anvil without the colors getting screwed up.

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