Does your project need sound?

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Does your project need sound?

Post Nov 17th '13, 16:22

Hi Gang,

Having recently discovered this group and having a long association with Marathon, I'd like to give something back to the community.

I'm an audio engineer in Chicago and I'm also an audio instructor at Columbia College

I have access to over 700,000 licensed sound effects and dozens of students who would love to create original sound design for your projects. Free of charge.

All I ask is that your project is fairly developed and that you give credit to my studio and any students who participate.

Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected].

Take care,
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Post Nov 17th '13, 19:25

The kinds of full scale projects that require new audio are few and far between, but I hope someone takes advantage of your generous offer. [MSmile]
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Crater Creator

Post Apr 21st '15, 16:06

Is this offer still on the table? I may need exactly this sometime in the relatively near future...

Post Apr 21st '15, 16:11

You should e-mail him lysara, he was last online in 2013. Doubt he'll ever see your post/reply
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Tycho X

Post Apr 22nd '15, 05:06

I'd kill for a shapes and physics editor that was user friendly and at the very least INSTALLER friendly.

Screw you GTK Framework.

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