Marathon Splash Cover

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Marathon Splash Cover

Post Mar 25th '15, 21:21

A cover of the song Splash from the original Marathon. I think it stays pretty true to the original (with a little more electric guitar)!
Splash Cover
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Post Mar 26th '15, 01:59

That is pretty awesome :-D
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Post Mar 26th '15, 10:37

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Post Mar 27th '15, 03:00

I think I like the middle section the best. The bass line at the start seems muddy/indistinct. The song could use the addition of a sound that's less fluid, and more percussive. At the end, the guitar sort of goes off and does its own thing. It sounds good, but it no longer sounds like an extension of the same song. So the middle section strikes the best balance to my mind.
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