"CD"ing non CD M1 tracks

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"CD"ing non CD M1 tracks

Post Jan 28th '16, 09:46

Some of you may know that early CD releases of Marathon had seven songs covered by Alex Seropian himself with synthesizers. They have a unique and cool (imo) sound to them, but only seven songs were covered. (Landing, Splash, Rushing, Flippant, Freedom, Fat Man & Leela) I think it would be cool to try and do the other songs in the same sounding style, so they could all be released together as a replacement option to Marathon's normal music. The plugin/replacement would have Alex Seropian's versions of the music, plus these tracks (that he didn't do) in a similar sound:

Aliens Again
Flowers In Heaven
New Pacific
New Pacific (Reprise)
and What about Bob?

I'm between computers at the moment, so I can't work on this yet, but I did record a few really quick attempts at getting the sound of the low synth in the CD versions of Landing and Rushing. What do you guys think? I'd use different sounds for the high parts in say Swirls in the below demo, but would it be a project people are interested in? The quick demos are sloppy because I played them all over like 2 minutes, I normally program music on computer with software synths and trackers.

If you're interested, and want to know what I've done before, check my Tidbits thread, also in this artwork forum. I did some songs for a scenario I was making, but it fell apart when I was focusing on my school exams. I really should get back to that...
Also do you think aliens are hiring a wannabe composer? I'm desperate
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What's the audio equivalent for spazeroid?
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What's the audio equivalent for vidmaster?
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Post Jan 28th '16, 15:21

Neonstar wrote:The plugin/replacement would have Alex Seropian's versions of the music

Eight Nineteen wrote:Alex Seropian specifically requested that his CD quality tracks were not distributed on-line. People for the most part have remained faithful to his request. [source]
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Post Jan 28th '16, 16:16

Didn't know he'd requested that so I'll work on my own project. Thanks for letting me know.
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