More Marathon Soundtrack Stuff! (Guardians, Leela, Swirls)

Show off all of your Marathon-related art and music here.

Post Sep 7th '16, 21:09

I particularly like your rendition of Leela. It's rockin'.

And of course I always love Swirls in any incarnation.
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Post Sep 8th '16, 13:54

Guardians: In a word, reflective. This would go well accompanying the main menu of a Marathon remake, with a slowly panning outer space scene in the background. I didn't like the synth pad as much as the more acoustic instruments.

Leela: The reverb is good for a standalone listening, but might seem weird if used in a Marathon level. The guitar certainly takes it in a fresh direction. I liked the asymmetric use of the right and left channels.

Swirls: So sad! A very full sound. Makes me think of running through Borderlands for some reason. It seems to almost lead off into some female vocals, which would seem appropriate for the Leela track. Not sure what you're going for at the end, but it does evoke a techy, 'cyberspace' feel.

Lastly, the style of your avatar is familiar. Where is it from?
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Crater Creator

Post Sep 9th '16, 03:42

@Cater Creator Thanks for the honest feedback man! Much appreciated!
I'm glad you like the Swirls cover because I spent FOREVER on that one. With the ending, I've always associated Swirls with the final screen from M1 in my mind (For whatever reason) and I was trying to think of how I would represent "All over the ship, dancing through the wreckage of the Pfhor computer core, DURANDAL WAS LAUGHING" musically. So I'm glad you thought it had a 'cyberspace' feel because that's pretty close to what I was going for!

As far as my avatar, it's the album cover for "Drums and Wires" by XTC (Really good new wave British band if you haven't heard of them).
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