Just made a fake Marathon 2 OG Xbox cover.

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Just made a fake Marathon 2 OG Xbox cover.

Post Jan 2nd '17, 10:05

Hello there. It's been some months that I wasn't here, but now I'm back.
As you can read in the title, I just made a fake cover for Marathon 2: Durandal for the Original Xbox.
There it is:
Marathon 2 Durandal fake Xbox cover.jpg

I made it with Photoshop CS6, and as a beginner in CS6, I would like to know what do you think of it.

Post Jan 2nd '17, 12:47

Hm...well, it looks like your assets aren't all the same/similar resolution (the ESRB rating and Bungie logo are hi-rez, but I see jpeg artifacts on the XBOX header); your composition's also a little confusing (the Marathon insignia's blocking the view of the Security Officer).

I would suggest removing the insignia and nudging down the artwork so that the logo isn't blocking the SO, either. Alternatively, you could find the original Mac box art and arrange the XBOX stuff over that, and see how that looks.
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Post Jan 2nd '17, 19:06

Noted. Thank you for the review General-Radix. That's exactly what I needed.

Post Jan 8th '17, 15:23

I just made a new version of the fake cover:
New M2 fake cover.jpg

Post Apr 12th '17, 02:03

That's cool, looks pretty legit
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