Looking for some non-descript space art

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Looking for some non-descript space art

Post Jul 8th '17, 02:22

Can anyone recommend some generic space artwork (stars, nebula, etc) that is free to use? I need some images to use as menu backgrounds that won't look too out of place alongside the Marathon main menu screens.

Post Jul 8th '17, 03:07

I just made this for you. You can use it for free.
stars.png (3.02 KiB) Viewed 478 times
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Post Jul 8th '17, 03:12

Google Image Search can filter images by license.

NASA in particular has a lot of excellent public domain nebula imagery. (Long ago I used some as the menu screen background for "Forever More" which became Eternal).
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Post Jul 8th '17, 13:40

Thanks, Wrk! That's a great depiction of the nebula nebula.

Post Jul 8th '17, 14:11

The image search filter option looks like it will fit the bill for my project. Lots of good images there!

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