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M1 Wallpaper

Post Apr 29th '18, 15:50

Came up with this while working on a title screen for M1R. I wanted to add a background based on the centre of the original box art, but I the best image I could find was 160x160 and badly compressed. I scaled it up to title screen size, removed the watermarks, and cleaned it up as best I could - unfortunately, this came with some loss of detail, but I was able to easily extend the plume to fit the 4:3 frame instead of the original square, and then I replaced what was left of the stars with my own stars from my Tau Ceti plugin. Then it was a simple matter of adding in the necessary graphics.

Stripped of the game graphics, it makes quite a pleasant picture. You won't see this like it is here in M1R, so here it is on it's own:


Of course, if anyone has a better photo or scan than the crappy one I worked from, let me know!
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