Synthwave remix of Splash (Marathon)

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Synthwave remix of Splash (Marathon)

Post May 19th '18, 19:56

Hey! This seems to be the place where all the Marathon remixes and covers go.

I recently finished playing all 3 Marathon games and felt compelled to remix Splash. After pondering all the approaches I could take with this remix I arrived at a sort of hard Synthwave sound. Analog synths, 80's drums, and a big distorted FM bass lead.

The tune has been rearranged and expanded upon, but all the melodies are indeed there.

I hope you enjoy it:

Youtube Video:

MP3: THA-marathonsplash-remix.mp3

Also on Soundcloud if you prefer that.
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Post May 19th '18, 21:11

This is sick :D Also I just marathon'd your Marathon marathon over the past week, nice seeing you here.
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Post May 19th '18, 21:42

Thanks, glad you like it! And thanks for watching me be bad at Marathon. :P
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Post May 19th '18, 22:58

Say, this is awesome! May I use this to grace M1R's title screen? Currently, I'm using Craig Hardgrove's acoustic version, which is quite different, and has to be faded in for it to sound right with the opening, but yours would be perfect! It's got that sound that hearkens to Power of Seven's title music for Durandal and Infinity, the quiet intro fits the title timing, and overall a much better fit.
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Post May 19th '18, 23:35

Cool with me, go for it!
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